Future Investment Plans

>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

A former office friend asked me once where I should invest my money after resigning from my 16-year old employment. I actually told her that I’m going to put up a meat products shop after the feasibility studies I’m making then. I believe in careful planning especially if high finances are at stake. Now we didn’t pursue that meat shop but it’s still in our future plans. We’re thinking now of a stable investment that would not take too much of our time like buying gold bullion and letting them be stored safely in the bank until it reached higher value. For work-at-home Mom like me who has plenty of errands always we can’t afford to devote our time in waiting for the customers to buy from us so it’s not really possible these days.


Gen’s Simple Things

Gen loves to go home during lunch break because she loves eating my freshly-cooked meals and she can just bring few school books and notebooks in the morning. At first we were hesitant as it might rob her of leisure break from her class but she insisted. Now I got used to her and look forward to wait for her so we can have lunch together. DH also goes home whenever one instructor failed to arrive at the university. 

I just told DD Gen to have some protection on her head whenever she goes home to avoid sun’s heat at noon. I was planning to Buy Hats for her as she didn’t want to use her other hats for fear of teasing from her classmates. Some of the hats she has are those we use for our camp meetings and photo sessions. She told me that she wants simpler styles and make so she’ll be unnoticed by some of her classmates. She’s always like that simple and yet choosy, shy but very competitive and doesn’t want too much attention.


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