Sudden Change

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

I was surprised to see an old colleague walking at the mall when I visited the store to look for bags. He’s my officemate in my previous work in consultancy firm and we’ve never seen each other for long. The last time I saw him he was overweight and really needed some workout to convert his fat to muscle. Now he’s so lean and fit and I wonder if he has taken leucine or have enrolled in gym workout routine. The change was very noticeable and he looked younger than when I last saw him 6 years ago. Being slim and fit can really do a lot of things to make you look younger and healthy and I’m very happy that now he feels very confident about himself.


Ways to Get Slimmer

Many friends I often talked to when I’m in school are asking what are the best diet pills that will make them slimmer and lighter. I told them that even if they’ll know where to buy those diet pills it’s not safe to just buy them and forget about doctor’s consultation. Any medicine except for the basic ones need to be approved by doctor before taking it as it might not be good for health reasons. It will help much if dieters would also take time out to exercise and be fit.


Coffee Tables

I love having coffee when I’m working because it helps me to relax and think a lot. Well in this online work we have we really should know how we can make our brains and creativity work. We should be inspired for ideas to come flowing in. So I’m thinking of having contemporary coffee tables which I can use in my mini-office so I can have a nook when I want to have a hot coffee. Well it will not be used for coffee breaks only because it can be some sort of table too. I just wish that I’ll be able to find some good deals when I buy one.


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