Cyber Monday

>> Saturday, November 20, 2010

My twitter dashboard keeps on making tweet notices the other day because one store in US keeps on posting discounted items. I had to see it myself and was amazed that prices could be that low. Even my dream windows phone was offered 25% off but for two days only and it ended on the 18th. I could very well imagine if Cyber Monday would come and everybody will be waiting for the discounted sale of their favorite gadgets and appliances. It’s not every day that stores would offer low prices and deals so I’m sure many would just wait for the big day.


Life Begins at 40

Life begins at 40 they say and women should enjoy life when they reached that age. For me office employment should end at 40 years of age in order to enjoy not just life but quality time with your family especially your kids. As my experience taught me my job takes so much time away from my family so when the time comes that I’m confident I can earn online by writing I immediately resigned from my job. 

It took me months of praying and planning; praying for the signs that God will give me and planning my future financial setup so I can adjust to a life out of corporate work. Having a stable job for 16 continuous years gave me reasons not to leave my work just for some petty reasons. I never quit on working until I decided that when I reached forty I will leave employment and put up a business or when I saved some more I could also buy gold bullion to ensure that what I’m buying will give me an assurance that it will yield profits in the coming years. Oh well I’ve known gold as one of the most precious metals and it’s appreciating its value yearly so I might as well be a good investor.


Choosing the Best Web Hosting

I started blogging three years ago with the thought of sharing my ideas, thoughts, inspirations and the life itself. I didn’t know anything about blogging until my friend encouraged me to start my own. She was my mentor and everything that she learns she shares to me. I was very thankful that she taught me the basic of blogging and helps me continue my dream of writing. I started with free hosted blogs and was happy about it until I learned that owning my own domain is much better. Now choosing the best web hosting for your blog can be a hard task if you’re new to it so I asked the opinion of my friends and search for tips and guides on how I’m going to choose the best for me.

I was glad that there are web hosting reviews I was able to read that helped me in choosing the right company to host my site. Just like these days that in-depth reviews of Webhostingfan of the best web hosting providers can be a real guide for those bloggers and site owners like me who need the right guide in deciding which one is the best to get. In choosing utmost planning and comparison should be done to ensure that you’ve chosen the best webhosting company. There are things to be considered in choosing like features, capabilities, uptime and downtime, reliability, customer service, technical support, bandwidth and affordability. These things are the main factors you need to know about the web host you’re going to get.

Well I’ve read about web hosting hub and it was reviewed as a good option because it includes all the features you’ll need for your blog or for your small online business. It’s also user-friendly so you’ll have no worries in transferring your blog. It feels good to have your own domain and your own webhost to support and guide you on whatever trouble you’ll be encountering along the way.


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