Photo Album Projects

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

I have plenty of pictures from my old office jobs and I want to have a soft copy so I can share it with my friends and store the file too. I always postpone doing it because it takes me quite a long time to finish it all. I’m looking for scanning software that would make my job faster and easier with the same quality I gain from what I’m using. I have many photo projects but my job prevents me from finishing even one album. 

I envy my friends who can allot some of their time to do their photo books but I’m helpless as I have many offline and online job. Guess I’ll have to think of ways on how I can manage my time so I can sneak in my plans. Come summer we’ll have more travel, outings together and of course family and group pictures too.


:MYM: Home Made Crinkles


This is my friend's home-made crinkles which she carefully wraps nicely for her customers.  This is just one of her sideline jobs aside from having a regular position in Accounting department in Construction company.  She's a very business woman and she can easily adjust it to her work, in fact most of her customers are from her work lol! She told me that her sideline earns more than her salary which makes her so thankful that her boss let her have her small sideline business. Selling seems to be a hobby for her too :D

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Bad Habits

>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

I heard one of my former officemate is now suffering from sickness brought about by his continuous smoking of cigars. I told him once that it wouldn’t do him good if he continues with his vice as the doctor advised him to stop it immediately. Well people just don’t realize some bad vices until it brings them physical pain and sickness.

Most people try to eat healthy when they reached the culmination of their health meaning if they had already incurred it. One friend I knew was so sorry to learn from their family doctor that he’s the cause of his eldest daughter’s asthma. He’s a chain smoker since he’s single and never stopped doing it until now. Hope he’ll realize that his smoking habit is not only affecting his health but his children as well.


:Thursday Challenge: Movement - Jumping

>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

"MOVEMENT" (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,...)

This is the kids' photo on one of our last travel/get together in Tagaytay Picnic Grove.  We're there to join our husband-minister for their discipleship seminar.  After having our lunch we roam around the place and stayed at the wide area for playing, kite flying and for picnic.  We just let the kids do what they want.  They played, ran, bounded, jumped and keeps on moving as if energy will last until evening lol! I just stood there and took some shots of the funny kids. My 3 kids were here too!

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BSN Online

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

My SIL took up nursing but didn’t finish the course due to personal reasons but now she wants to go back to college. She’s just apprehensive about schedule as she’s going to work also while studying. I was thinking if bsn online will be able to help her get schedule on the right track. It’s also very convenient to do things online. I know this because my work is also online and it helps me do two responsibilities at one time. I can work and earn while taking care of my family. I’m just not sure if SIL is fit for online studies because some people prefer studying in the normal and traditional way. Online studies have its pros and cons and it depends on the discipline of the student.


Ruth's Collage

This is my eldest daughter's collage in school, a representation of her goals in life, ambition and all the things she want to accomplish. She loves cooking, photography and arts. She's good in drawing and sketching. This is only a project where they must express their thoughts on how they see themselves after 10 years.  Look at the picture at the bottom left, yes she also want to be involved in charity works like helping the victims of natural disaster or feeding malnourished kids.  Young as she was her mind is set already on the things that she wants to be when she grows old.  She's only 13 now and in first year high.  I hope and pray that all these wishes will come true. I'll just be here to guide her.


Controlling My Sweet Cravings

I’ve cooked desserts and bought stocks of favorite bread of the family. Now I’m having difficulty in ignoring what I cooked because I love them all. I need to discipline myself or I’m going to find some appetite suppressants over the counter to control myself from indulging into eating those. I’m glad that I also bought various fruits so now instead of taking those sweet foods I turned to the fruits to bring back my taste for natural foods. It’s really hard to plan on dieting when you’re the cook because it’s either you give in to temptation or the family will be deprived of delicious foods lol!


Favorite Board Game

Gen is so fond of playing chess and this fondness turned to real sport as she joined in the inter-school competition with three other classmates representing their school.  She's good at it but she needs more training.  She won three games and lost 2 and that's enough to make her happy.  This summer she promised that she’ll play more to learn the best techniques of the games.  I’ll buy other board games for them this summer especially scrabble and word factory for enhancement of vocabulary words.


Jewelries for the Girls

I’m not that fond of jewelry or I like to collect but I don’t want wearing them always. I only wear my wedding ring and that’s it. I’m comfortable with just one or two on my body especially when I’m travelling alone. Now I’m thinking of going to the store where DH and I bought our wedding ring and the necklace he gave me before the wedding. I want to buy some jewelry for my girls. I browsed some pretty promise rings online and I’m inspired to buy those for the girls. They’re on their early teens and in few years’ time I will be able to entrust the rings to them. I love their designs and I’m sure those will look good on them and hope they will like it also. Teens are changing as months go by as they’re starting to leave their girlish preferences for the things they love.



No man is an island. Most of the times you need other people to live and be happy. This is so true when you're working. There are works that you can do by yourself but there are projects that need the cooperation of the whole team to accomplish it fully. The word teamwork means each individual or member of the team has their respective responsibilities and duties in reaching their goals. In order to finish the work everyone should make their contributions.


Reliving my Sports Activities

I love sports since I was a primary schooler and up to when I was working. I joined volleyball team when I was employed in one of the bureaus in government. Then I switched to bowling when I can’t find the time to look for players who would play with me. Bowling is easier because you don’t have to form a group. It was actually initiated by my employer who created a friendly game competition for all his main office and project employees.

It was one of the best years for me there because he really cared for his employees to enjoy playing bowling, get to know co-employees who were assigned in different places, make friends and maybe solve the problem of his fat employees. I was single then and very slim so the only thing I want then is to practice my bowling skills. When being asked by some of my office friends how to lose belly fat fast I told them to indulge in sports and they’ll get what they want.


Still Youthful Looking

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

I found my Mom’s best friend over at FB and I was excited to tell my Mom about it. They haven’t seen each other for months now and Mom misses her a lot. Her friend happens to be one of our wedding sponsors also which makes their friendship more binding. I added her as my friend and browse her pictures. I showed her wall and photos to my Mom and we both said that Auntie is not getting old. She looks very young in her photos and very happy indeed. I was thinking if she’s using anti wrinkle creams because with her skin and youthful eyes she looks like getting old is not in her list of to do lol! 

Now we’re planning to go there in her house located 6 towns away from us on summer so the two can have some chat and updates on family. They’re friends since they were teens and never lost communications. Auntie frequently visits her daughter in US that’s why she never had the time to drop by in the house. Oh I’m really looking forward to our planned visit on summer.


A Good Night’s Sleep

I was looking at my girls sleeping in sofa bed and wondered at their ability to sleep right away and they look like the ones who has taken sleep enhancer melatonin. Some say that when you have no problem or worries you can really sleep as deep as the sea but when you’re in trouble sleep escapes you.

I remember those times in my work when I can’t sleep due to pressure in handling my responsibilities. Most often the pressure is frequently not on my designated job but on the extra job I was handling. Although I can give my best work under pressure I still don’t want to live everyday with worries at my work place so I decided to resign after 16 years of employment. I’m glad that I got hooked in blogging and was able to earn income from it.


My Nephew’s Maritime Work

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

My nephew finished Marine Engineering course in PMI College and after two years he finally got his first contract as seaman. It’s really his dream to work in a ship and at first he can’t believe that at 22 years of age he’ll be really working there. I’m a little apprehensive because he’s so young and inexperienced. I know working in a maritime environment is a bit risky and hazardous. He told us that they were trained for the dangerous side of their work and they were put to many tests before their application were approved. His Mom who is my first cousin agreed and permitted him because he begged for it.

Now he’s been working there for about 4 years and still he love his job together with the joys, challenges and the risks that comprises his job. We’re always praying for his safety whenever he’s on board because we heard some accidents that happen on maritime jobs. Anyway I learned that these workers are protected by laws and acts giving protection for sailors and ship’s crew. If they’re injured they can always ask for assistance from Offshore Injury Lawyer to help them get their claim on maintenance and cure where their employers must pay them their salaries and medical treatment. Maritime staff and crew should know what they’re going to do in cases like injury and accidents so they will benefit from the law governing maritime protection.


Online Coupons and Promo Codes

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

As a Mom with 3 kids I always go for best buys and deals because I get lots of savings from it. Despite my want to avail of discounts I never exchange low price for quality. It’s good to buy items on sale and at very low prices but I make sure that what I’m buying is a good product. So if I want something and I can’t afford it I wait for the store’s promo day when almost all things can be bought at discounted prices. It’s even better when you get discount coupon online because you don’t have to go out of your house to avail discounted prices like the  Vitamin Shoppe coupons online where you can get your needed vitamins, supplements, herbs, food, beverage and a lot more up to 40% off the original price.

Through you can get special deals, online coupons and discount promo codes like  Vitamin Shoppe coupon codes for thousands of online stores and services. It’s not only about health and food but other categories as well like apparel & clothing, kids, computer, camera, toys and almost all categories people are always looking for. And that’s real savings for all!

There are lots of coupon and promo codes available for the vitamins I want. I’m glad to click on  Vitamin Shoppe coupon code and find out online deals like free gifts upon purchase, the Body Shop coupons of up to 75% savings and even the contest where you can win Android Touchscreen Tablet! Visit them now and collect your coupons.


:Thursday Challenge - Trees

"TREES" (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,...)

This is a shot from our venue in our December camp meeting, a prayer garden and a conference site.  Such a lovely place of grass, trees and flowers.  A real prayer garden where serenity of the place invites meditation and prayers (as the name implies) Here we held our 4-day camp meeting fellowship and we had a very fulfilling fellowship.  We usually travel far from our place to attend our church camp meeting but first time we had it near our town in the hilly areas in Antipolo.  We'll be there again this summer for our camp meeting again.

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Auto Insurance

We all need to feel safe and secured; I guess it’s a human instinct to feel that way. Well there are many ways to do that and one that I know of is getting a good insurance company to cover your family’s need in life, health and property. I’ve learned that one of the most important protections is to get  insurance auto because encountering accidents in the road can bring hazard and damage to car, your life and sometimes including properties. Accidents can be traumatic to those who experienced it and more so if you don’t have insurance to cover medical and damage expenses.

Well getting auto insurance isn’t that easy if you don’t familiarize yourself with the types of insurances available and when you do find one be sure to get the car ins product info to know the coverage and extent of benefits. You should be aware that in getting auto insurance you must know that there are liability and property damage components involved in it. The bodily injury liability protects you from the claims of the people injured in the accident which involves their medical expenses, pain, suffering and lost wages.

For the property damage liability you’re responsible for damages not only on vehicles but for walls, fences and equipment. However if you want to be covered if you’re injured by a hit and run driver you can get an uninsured motorists coverage to protect you or just like us we have a comprehensive coverage which pays for almost all damage causes including natural disasters, theft and vandalism.

Certain factors can help to lower your premiums like safety devices in your car, anti-theft devices, your location, driving record and credit history. So now if you already know what you need and what to get you can visit and be able to get the most affordable and best coverage  automobile ins because they provide comparable rates of different companies with corresponding coverage for your car. They offer free, fast way where you can compare listed rates of auto insurance companies. Obtaining quotes online will be so easy and you’ll be able to get the cheapest rates available. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll instantly get quotes from providers.


The Best of Outdoor Enjoyment

>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling weary after a week’s work? It’s nice if you can go home to an inviting dinner outside with your loved ones. But if you’re too tired you don’t have to drive to the nearest favorite restaurant as you can make it right there in the comfort of your own homes. If you have a nice garden in your backyard patio you can also relax and enjoy the evening with your family like if you’re in a warm and cosy restaurant. You only have to setup your fire pits, prepare your pork, chicken, hotdogs and marshmallows for grilling, mix up your cool drinks and gather the whole family for a relaxing evening bonding with each other. 

Having outdoor grilling with family is less expensive and more enjoyable than having it in some place. If I have the means I will definitely make our patio more inviting. I know I only have to invest on some outdoor furniture and fire pits like the stylish and very durable Sojoe fire pit  and I can invite friends and relatives to enjoy the evening with us. Summer season and school break is getting near and I’m looking forward to happy days with my husband and kids. That’s the only season that we get to be with each other for long period of time so we’d better make the most of it. 

Outdora takes part in all these patio makeover and plans of making the best of outdoor entertaining  with their various products that offers usefulness for your outdoor space. They provide ways on how we can turn our own backyard into something that will make us stress-free and happy with our family and friends. They have selection of fire pits in different sizes, shapes, style and kinds. 

They also have portable fire pits that can be used when you want to move to different areas and places. You can carry it everywhere making barbecue parties to beach or rented cabins a delightful thought. I’ve included here one of their best product, the Patina Fire Pit with a rust finish, star and moon cut out design for good ventilation and look, deep bowl design and strong legs to support it. Visit them now and see what’s best for your outdoor patio and garden.


iPhone 4

My friend love to buy gadgets but sometimes we wait for the price to down a bit so we don’t have to buy it so expensively. As our work demand us to be online most of the times we need to have things like windows phone or iPhone so wherever we are we can read our mails or post tweet messages. Now I saw this new improved iphone 4 and suddenly remembered what my SIL told me when she was here last June. She said that she’ll wait for the iPhone’s discounted sale in the following months so we can avail at a much discounted price. I wonder now if the older version has mellowed its price a bit now that there’s a new version model in the market. Wish I have the means to buy this part computer, part phone, part iPod, part camera and a lot more features.


Furniture Protection

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weather is changing now again from cold to slightly warmer and staying outdoor is becoming a welcome idea. Anyway for a person like me just having a relaxing time in our patio garden is good enough that’s why I really want to make sure that our patio furniture is in good condition. Protecting our outdoor furniture is of vital importance because we can never tell if it’s going to rain or when the sun will be so hot. If you have Outdoor Furniture Covers you will never worry about these things as your furniture in your patio will never wear out against the effects of rain, mildew and excessive heat. Sometimes the quality of our furniture is not enough if we don’t give enough protection. In time you’ll see the effects on your precious furniture.

For me it’s best if we get quality Outdoor Chair Covers so we’ll benefit from its advantages. It’s where we sit when we’re tired and when we want to have some bonding with our family so getting the best protection should be given. I also wanted our favorite patio chairs and tables to last longer so I’m thinking of getting one from suppliers like Empire because they cover furniture of any style and size for protection against damaging effects of dust, sun and rains. Safe also for mold and mildew build-up because of their air flow venting system with 1-2 years warranty.


Solutions for Floor Removal and More

>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My brother is into construction business and now he's spending his full time on it since he resigned from his office job. It's a lot fulfilling and profitable having it that way so he decided to leave the corporate world and focus his attention to construction. It's really the desire of his heart to concentrate on his residential and building projects so it's easy to decide on things. As he's an engineer I also have some background or know how on what he's doing. I've finished a degree in engineering also so when he talks about his project I can relate easily. Lately he's signed up to several house and building project and it also include a renovation project. From experience he told me that renovation is quite harder sometimes because you have to remove some constructed areas and then reconstruct it. Among the problems encountered on renovations are the walling, floor removal, wood treating and a lot more. Doing works like that requires time and equipment to ensure that it will be done carefully and in high quality.

Now he's looking for high performance equipment to do the job for him and to make the job easier for his workers. Time delay in construction is also wasted money so purchasing high quality equipment needed to make the job done in lesser time would be a nice idea. He decided to canvass on his immediate requirements for the flooring like floor grinders and carpet removal machines so he can work on his renovation projects as soon as possible. Well we've learned that Innovatech offers high quality performance floor grinders, concrete floor polishing machines, carpet removal, tile removal and other maintenance machines. They have designed machines like The Terminator Line to be used for the most difficult job of floor removal and they have tile scraper units, carpet removal systems and other models to do the removal job. Their other products are I-shine concrete polishing system, the predator line, dust collection and vacuums, scarifiers, shotblasters, grinders and tools. All of these are for residential, commercial and industrial building requirements and provide solution for needed job in construction.


Stylish Scrubs Uniforms

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I accompanied my daughter in her entrance exam for secondary schooling. On our way there I saw that the new hospital is already in full operation. It’s in the entrance of the next town to us and very accessible even if the patient has no car of his own. It’s a private hospital and not very crowded but I managed to see some health care staff as we passed by. I’m always interested to see scrubs uniforms because I’ve noticed that it’s becoming a fad now that nurses and other hospital staff wear colourful uniforms. It doesn’t matter to me as long as they maintain looking clinical and neat because colors somehow minimize nervousness when you’re in a hospital.

I remember the time I delivered my very first baby. It was on my doctor’s hospital which is known for being a good one but very expensive as well. Anyway upon entering the room for preadmission check-up I was greeted with a room of pastel colors in the curtains, bed sheet and other things. I could never forget how I felt so homey and comfortable to the sight that the fear of delivering a baby was forgotten. There’s also a television on the room so I felt very relaxed when I start to feel the labor pains. It helped me a lot to see some staff in nice scrubs also. Believe me it erased half of my apprehension and fear.


Better Communications

>> Friday, February 4, 2011

It’s great realizing how modern technology has affected our communications. In my previous job it made interacting with international and domestic clients easier. Setting up a meeting is not that hard because Conference call services doesn’t require physical appearance. I remember how we used to set the time for us all to have a conference online with our clients in Hongkong, Singapore, USA or in any other parts of the world. It’s also flexible because number of participants is not limited. It’s really a big help to us especially that we’re in telecommunications business and we also have our own call center for unlimited calling from US to anywhere in the world. I wonder how much innovations are still waiting to be discovered.


Pricing – Are Online Fax Services Worth It?

There are many companies who are offering fax services via the Internet. But before you toss away your traditional fax machine, it is time to get out the calculator and begin price comparison.

The traditional fax machine, depending on the volume of faxing you do per month, will help you figure out, per month, the cost. By adding up the reams of paper you use, how often you have to change the toner and ink cartridge, in addition to the price of the utility costs, will help you figure out the price per month for taking care of all your faxing needs in-house.

Most online fax services are available on a subscription basis. The subscriptions are varied and usually accommodate pricing according to how many faxed pages are sent and received each month. Some services even stipulate price according to the number of people to whom you send faxes to per month.

Another consideration are overage costs, which simply means that if you send or receive more faxes than your contract stipulates, you will be charged an additional fee for each page over the contracted limit.

Keeping in mind that online fax vendor services are a for profit entity, pricing is designed to make money, the most possible for the company. It is therefore prudent for you the consumer to find a vendor with a price per month package that amounts to less than the cost per month you are paying to fax from the office, which is when pricing comparison should be vigorously researched.

For instance, make sure that you are getting the best service for your money by determining the services reliability, convenience and customer service access. 

Understanding surcharges, overage costs, service charges, and anything else that may influence the initial price of the package above and beyond the contracted amount can greatly affect price as the month progresses.

No one likes to be quoted a price per month then have a bill arrive a month later that is double or even triple the contracted cost only to come to find out that the fine print stated an extra fee for other services that you were never made aware.

So do not let a pricing war happen to you because you were “unaware” of the fine print. If you are ready to commit to an online fax service, go over every pricing nuance of the service with someone from customer service before committing and make sure everything is in big bold writing. Beware of a contract with a lot of fine print and if that is the case, go over every word that is in fine print. If you do not like the terms after reading the contract in its entirety then you do not have to sign and can begin looking for another vendor.


The Swingline DS22-13 Shredder: Perfect for Your Busy Office

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Many companies make great paper shredders and one of them is Swingline. This company is primarily known for manufacturing high-quality staplers but their shredders – such as the DS22-13 – also warrant a look. The DS22-13 is a departmental device and is stands out for many reasons. Here are a few of them:
  • Since the DS22-13 is a departmental shredder, it can be shared among a group of colleagues. The machine can run continuously so people can shred as needed. It also has a 22-gallon waste bin.
  • Swingline realizes that information often appears on non-paper items. Thus, the DS22-13 was designed to shred credit cards and CD's so your information won't be made public. The machine will also destroy paper clips and staples.
  • This strip-cut shredder offers a good amount of security thanks to its Level 2 security rating. You can shred a variety of documents with this device including bank statements and junk mail.
  • The DS22-13 is equipped with a paper overfeed indicator so you won't end up cleaning a lot of a paper jams. Also, the machine will let you know when the waste bin is full so you can empty it and keep shredding.
The Swingline DS11-13 is the perfect paper shredder for busy offices and it's one that will make you proud to own Swingline products. Check out the DS22-13 today!


Screening Services

Are you new in the world of business? Are you considering to hire some staff to expand your business but do not know where to start? There are tons of things to consider and to fix before being able to do so.

First you need to place ads regarding your job vacancies. In doing so, you must state your requirements for the said position and the contact details. You ads must be visible and you would want to place it where people are usually passing or looking to seek job employment. As soon as the first applicant goes for an interview, you have to ask everything you want and think about his or her quality as a candidate. When you are finally able to find some people fit for the role and the company, you need to have Pre-Employment Screening done. This will include some drug tests and the likes. When the applicant succeeds in passing all these screenings, you need not stop there.  Employees may be tempted to take some prohibited drugs and come to work drunk during work hours. Thus you should need to consider Employee Screening Services to make sure that your employees behave properly. It is not that you do not trust your employees. The thing is, you want to make sure they are doing what they are paid to do and that you are on the same page. And that is geared towards the expansion and success of your business. If you value this a lot, Background Screening Services will surely help you.


Getting Help from Accident Lawyer

I saw my former office again when we choose to take the Ortigas route rather than the highway. Seeing the place made me remember my 6 years stay there. It evokes nice and not so good memories including the accident that happened just in front of the office. It was a major one considering ten people working for a famous branded shirt company was hit by a truck which lost its brakes. It’s such a blessing that no one died from the accident but all suffered major bruises and they were all hospitalized. I was sure they file a case against the truck driver. If you know some personal injury and accident cases like what I’ve mentioned you should ask some help from the people who knows a lot about it like the Texas wrongful death attorney who are experts in the field. Through their law firm O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath they provide their clients the best service they can do to solve accident lawsuit and claims for compensation.


Grand Cayman Vacation Villas

>> Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The breeze is getting colder these days on this tropical country and I love it. It’s not frequent that we get cold weather like this and I know this will change next month preparing for the summer season. Speaking of summer we’re thinking of having a family vacation in the oceanfront hometown of my husband. Hope the kids will be available soon so we can get an early schedule. I always look forward staying for some days near the beach; I guess it’s always like that for me. I would always choose beach vacation than roaming around various places.

The idea of staying in some nice Grand Cayman vacation villas is a treat for me much more if I’m really there to enjoy beautiful beachfront villas with my family. It’s always been a dream vacation for me to stay in places like that and this one has a lot to offer to complete your dream. With direct flights, superb roads, nice facilities, great accommodations, internet access, cable tv, rental cars and help services you can request. It’s like having the convenience and comfort of your home while vacationing.


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