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>> Friday, July 8, 2011

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since college days and I’ve grown used to wearing it instead of contact lens because it’s easier to care for and maintain. Through the years I’ve worn varied styles of glasses depending upon the current trend and what’s fit for my face shape. Since I’ve started wearing my glasses it has been one of the most important things that I carry whenever I go and I can’t leave the house without it. It’s very important to me that I have my eyeglasses with me wherever I am because it’s like my second set of eyes since I’ve developed mid-range nearsightedness. Anyway having slight defect in seeing distant things doesn’t affect my confidence as you can wear glasses and be as smart as you wish because there are so many available stylish eyeglasses in the market.

This is the same as when you want to wear sunglasses for fashion or for protection. I wear sunglasses for protection of my eyes from hazardous effect of the sun when I go out of my house or office. It also help me see things clearly even when the sun shines as brightly as I often hurt my eyes when I look up. On the other side of wearing sunglasses it can also be used as fashionable accessory as you can define your unique personality when you choose your own chic design. You can only be fashionable if you choose the kind of sunglasses you wear because if you choose the ones with low quality class it can affect your personality and fashion statement. Wearing quality and stylish sunglasses helps in making you feel and look elegant and beautiful. 

Well if you really want high quality sunglasses without hurting your budget you can try Rayban Sunglasses, the brand for sleek design, fashionable and trusted quality you’ll ever need for your specific type of sunglasses. Now with their Rayban Original Wayfarer sunglasses that I browsed online just today I can even say they’re affordable and competitive. Sometimes you’ll never get a quality item on affordable price but this one offers both and I’m glad for this as I can now choose among their varied styles and be fashionable with my sunglasses. I actually liked the purple wayfarer in cranberry lens and will save some of my money so I can buy it in the next few weeks. I can now protect my eyes and be as chic as I want.


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