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>> Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The different woodworking machinery tools and its advantages

Woodworking has gone a long way from the ages of manual labor to the use of hi- tech tools and equipments used now to deliver quality products to consumers in a short amount of time compared to when everything was done manually.

Different woodworking machineries used for carving, cutting, molding, shaping, sanding, and sawing wood are now available and are being used by the woodworking industry since it makes the job easier as it almost eliminates manual labor.

The use of woodworking machinery like cnc router brings a lot of advantages to the woodworking industry:                                 
1. Reduce the work of operators and cut down the needed workers. Since the machines do most of the processes in woodworking, work of operators has been significantly reduced. In manual labor, one worker should man each machine to manually perform the process. With woodworking machines, the operators just need to monitor the processes done by the machine so they can manage multiple machines at the same time.
2. Increase production. Woodworking machines can perform the process faster than manual labor, thereby increasing the production of the plant.
3. Lessens noise pollution. The different woodworking machines have been designed to work with less vibration and noise, thereby decreasing the noise pollution.
4. Produce a much more quality product. Since woodworking machines have been designed to allow precise cutting, carving, sanding, molding and shaping of wood, it produce a much smoother wood surface.

There are many different woodworking machinery and tools available that can be use in the woodworking industry. Here are a few of them:

1. CNC router. CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled that includes equipment that works using a software application that contains special instructions to direct motor movement for creating the woodworking design. CNC router is one example of CNC equipment where the software and operating system control the sanding, trimming and drilling of the wood.
2. Edgebander. The edgebander is a type of woodworking machine that is used to produce veneer, a thin strip of wood that is used mostly as accent to various woodworking products to create a more attractive surface. An example of veneer applications is the thin strips of wood used to cover the exterior of a cabinet drawer to add elegance to the finish of the furniture.
3. Panel saw. This woodworking tool is use for cutting flat items like wood panels.
4. Moulders. A moulder is also called a wood shaper, because as the name implies, is a woodworking machine that have profiled cutters use to shape wood.

It is a good idea to invest in good quality woodworking machines be it new or used equipment, as it greatly improves production and quality of woodworking products. The woodworking industry can enjoy the benefit that these woodworking equipment offers as they can ensure precise and high quality wood working products by using these woodworking machines.

About the Author:
Aggie Aviso is a freelance consumer and business writer, writing comprehensive reviews, articles and how-to's.


Waking Up to a Beautiful Morning

As I need to wake up early everyday to prepare family’s breakfast and my kids’ lunch meals I really need to have an alarm clock beside me when I sleep. I have a regular office job and I also work online for writing jobs so sometimes when I sleep at midnight it’s hard for me to wake up at my desired time. I’m an early riser but I feel safe when there’s a noise machine at my headboard when I rest to sleep. Since I don’t want to awaken abruptly and in rush I see to it that the tome of my alarm clock machine is too loud. I easily wake up at the slightest sound so I just need a soft alarm to help me wake up to a beautiful morning and to start working fresh.


Navigation Help

>> Monday, December 12, 2011

One of our suppliers abroad will visit the country this week and wanted to book a car that will bring him to one of the beautiful sights and tours in the country. I was actually surprised that my boss and he both love Pagsanjan Falls in my home province. The site offers various activities, tours and a good place to rest, eat and enjoy the day alone, with family or with a group. I wonder if our visitor would need someone to show places to him or he can get tom tom xl car bundle so he will not have problems in navigating places he’d like to see. I’m not really sure if he will need one as he wanted us to hire a car and driver for him so I guess he can also let the driver use it lol!


VibrAilgn Laser Alignment

>> Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our town is only small but it collects big income from the businesses, industries and manufacturing corporation running in the place. It’s known to be a busy district not only because of the presence of malls and other commercial establishments but of the population of the residents and working population. It has become a high traffic zone simply because people want to live in our town due to proximity of the available work here. We’re a native of this town since our great grandfathers and through the tales of our elders I’ve come to know most of the history of our little town.

Anyway since it has many popular manufacturing and industrial corporation I became interested in learning machineries and equipment that they used in their business. Maintenance and repair are two of the most important things to consider when you’re in industrial business because it will define the optimum capacity of the machines. Machinery also requires prĂ©cised shaft alignment for its reliability because it will reduce bearing and damage on the seal which will in turn minimizes loss of energy and downtime on production. 

This will promote savings on operational expenses especially if the method to be used in aligning shafts is the laser alignment from VibrAilgn, the most popular and cost savings method. They offer quality alignment which is compact, rugged, lightweight and waterproof. Best of all it is economical and delivers greater accuracy.


Her Sports and Hobbies

>> Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My youngest daughter loves sport and she has penchant for various kinds like volleyball, badminton, chess and basketball. In all these sports she spends more time in badminton but excels in chess and in basketball because she’s just learning her way into the tricks of playing badminton. She’s always on the go even though we always told her that she needs relaxation and rest as she’s so thin. Now she enjoys swimming because it gives her relaxation even when she’s doing sports and she always does it with goggles on her face just like underwater scuba mask. If she will see the latest in goggles and scuba mask which can ake digital images I know that she will make me buy those things because her sports’ gadgets and things are very important to her.


Easy Tracking

>> Monday, December 5, 2011

My church friend works in a trucking company and he’s one of the employees that handle one of the 10-wheeler trucks. He’s been in that kind of job for several years now and he’s very experienced on driving and handling the truck on short and long distance trips. Since the company has several trucks to handle, maintain and monitor the management talked about having gps for trucks so they can easily track vehicles on instances that they face trouble or road accidents.

It will also be helpful in meeting their time deadlines as they would know exactly the progress of delivery and travel hazards. There are more advantages that will go with the purchase of this gadget but they have to plan their budgetary allocation first before they begin the new improved monitoring system. In time they will have easy and dependable tracking on all their trucks and vehicles.


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