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>> Monday, February 28, 2011

I have plenty of pictures from my old office jobs and I want to have a soft copy so I can share it with my friends and store the file too. I always postpone doing it because it takes me quite a long time to finish it all. I’m looking for scanning software that would make my job faster and easier with the same quality I gain from what I’m using. I have many photo projects but my job prevents me from finishing even one album. 

I envy my friends who can allot some of their time to do their photo books but I’m helpless as I have many offline and online job. Guess I’ll have to think of ways on how I can manage my time so I can sneak in my plans. Come summer we’ll have more travel, outings together and of course family and group pictures too.


:MYM: Home Made Crinkles


This is my friend's home-made crinkles which she carefully wraps nicely for her customers.  This is just one of her sideline jobs aside from having a regular position in Accounting department in Construction company.  She's a very business woman and she can easily adjust it to her work, in fact most of her customers are from her work lol! She told me that her sideline earns more than her salary which makes her so thankful that her boss let her have her small sideline business. Selling seems to be a hobby for her too :D

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