Fire Prevention Month

>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It’s March already and a parade was held early morning to promote fire prevention month. They always do it on the first day of March as this month begins the hot summer months and the season for fire accidents also. Unlike the past several years fire incidents have already happened last month and I’m praying that with some guidelines from the fire department people will have better ideas on how to prevent fire. 

Anyway it’s also our car’s registration month and we’ll have to look for cheap auto insurance so we can have some savings. Some insurance are really expensive and getting them will surely hurt the budget. I’ll have to ask my brother if he has found a good and affordable insurance for his new car. Or I’ll have to look online for more feasible searches.


Bad Work Habits

Work demands discipline. You need to have discipline on some aspect of your work like coming to office on time, avoiding absences on minor reasons only and following office rules. With regards to following office rules I noticed that some employees now got hooked in online games that they don't realize they're extending their break periods just to have their hobbies.

I remember my days in Transportation Company where our time was all spent on work and the management were very strict on lunch and coffee breaks. When we encounter power interruption we will help some department that operates even without power to maximize our time. Now some employees disregard the need to follow office rules and just go on what they want to do as long as the boss doesn’t see them. Sometimes modern gadgets and technology becomes an instrument in ruining proper decorum at work because they pose an irresistible temptation.


Direct Deposit Tax Return

My work experience in my last job entails me to know things about finance and accounting even though I’m not a graduate of such degree. I was assigned to supervise Accounting Department and because of that I was forced to learn basic knowledge in accounting. Handling payroll proved to be not as hard as I imagined at first. It’s actually an easier task than my other jobs. I’m a graduate of computer engineering course and I had no problem with computation and financial statistics. I learned payroll preparation, bookkeeping, handling account receivables and payables and some other things needed in Accounting Department. When the company expanded they hired accounting staff for me. 

With all these responsibilities in Finance, Admin and Human Resource I didn’t involved myself in tax preparation as I deemed the work would be appropriate only for accounting graduates. There are plenty of things to learn and to keep in mind to adhere to government rules and legalities. I helped with the employees’ computation of tax returns and I find it tasking to do it manually. I’m glad that they have a program where you can put all the names and information needed to produce needed result. It’s a lot of help just like what I found online now wherein they uses Direct Deposit Tax Return

With this new innovation in getting your tax return faster I really think people can get the best of their returns now. You just have to file your tax return online using the ezTaxReturn and then have it available on your new prepaid card and you’ll get it in 8 days. Wow! It’s so fast! You also have the chance for bigger refund. Rest assured it’s secured, safe and quicker too! You can visit Account Now Facebook or their twitter to get yourself acquainted with their services. You will also have to ask your employer to place your pay check into your prepaid account.


What Should You Work With?

I've been sitting in front of my laptop almost the whole day and I just want to have a break somehow.  I answered this quiz about personality and about the things I should work with.  I was surprised with the results as it says it would kill me to be at desk job all day which is precisely what I'm doing right now lol! Yes I don't really like sitting for long but I have no choice most of the times because of the heavy work load of my job.  
Don't get me wrong I love the workload as it also means more income for my family.  It's just that I have to break from it sometimes.

The result is near to truth as I really like moving around if time permits.  I also like mastering hard tasks because challenges excite me.  I remember getting bored in accounting department after several years of doing it because I don't like jobs that you'll only repeat day after day.  Anyway I'm just working at home but writing doesn’t bore me.

Here's the result of my test:

You Should Work with Things

You are a very hands on sort of person. You like doing physical work and moving around.
It would kill you to be at a desk job all day. You don't like to sit still for too long.

You are very energetic, and you get bored if you aren't able to channel your hyperactivity.
You are good at mastering difficult tasks. You have excellent eye hand coordination, and you are quite graceful.


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