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>> Thursday, March 17, 2011

I heard that song which portrays Jamaica, The Bahamas and other neighbouring islands in a tone which implies that they are beautiful islands to stay on. When I was younger I really had no idea about those islands mentioned in the song, but when I learned that they are great vacation spots I began to understand the song better! 

Jamaica has beautiful beaches, coves, soft sands and has the richest landscapes in the Caribbean making it so perfect for vacationing tourists. My friend stayed in one of the Jamaica hotels in the area and told me that she had the most wonderful vacation ever! Well there are other equally beautiful places in the Caribbean aside from Jamaica which are nice places for vacationing too. 

If you're wondering whether it's too expensive to stay there, just visit Breezes Resorts and you'll see their super inclusive packages offered at their various resorts like Negril Jamaica which is famous for its 7-mile beautiful expanse of beach and soft sands. If you want to book a nice family vacation you'll be glad to hear that their package includes accommodation, gourmet dining, drinks, entertainment and sports activities.

For a vacation with shopping, picture-perfect beaches and sports like polo and golf you can book into one of the Ocho Rios hotels which is where you'll find the famous Dunn's River Falls. It offers a variety of activities for the whole family and it includes water and land sports like waterfall climbing horseback riding, river rafting and a lot more. There are plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. With their all-inclusive vacation package you will not worry about anything, just enjoy and relax your body and mind.


:TH: Metals - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer)

for fun and learning
"METAL" (Metallic, Steel, Bronze, Gold, Iron, Shinny,...)

These are shots from my daughter's Science exhibit which she attended together with her classmates.  They've rounded up several booths showing gadgets, machines and some science innovations.  It's fun for them and I'm glad she brought the camera with her bringing home plenty of pictures for my photo storage :D.

See how they test the Magnetizer/Demagnetizer here,  they just love this exhibit and had many group pictures around the exhibited machines. 


Family All Inclusive Vacations

We're now planning for our summer camp meeting next month in time for the Holy Week season. We always do our summer camp meeting fellowship every year and we hold it in faraway provinces just like we're having a vacation at the same time. We've always had them far from our own places, but this time we're going to hold it in the hills of the town next to us. We're all excited for the day as if we were really on a vacation, but this one is our outdoor fellowship services where we sleep in tents and camp in villas and gardens.

After the camp meeting we're planning to look for affordable family vacations to release the stress and tiredness of the past several months. We're taking advantage of the kids' summer vacation and school break because after this summer they're back again for another school year. Anyway, we're just staying domestic as we still don't have time and funds for a grand vacation somewhere in the Caribbean, like my friend did for the past couple of months.

I know that there are family all inclusive vacations available online where you can book directly, but I think I need more time to save for it. But for those who are intending to go on this kind of vacation, Breezes Resorts offer all inclusive vacation packages which include accommodations in one of their hotels, meals, drinks, sports activities and also entertainment for the whole family. This package has enough activities for the young and adults like beach volleyball, tennis, surfing, waterfall climbing, horseback riding, polo and even golf.

When I pull the funds together, I will be going to www.breezes.com to book one of their affordable family vacations, and I can't wait!


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