Balancing My Work Schedule

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was quite busy these days and I’m thankful that DH has started his school break this week. The kids are all on their fourth quarter exams and few days more they will have their summer vacation. It’s just the right timing for my part-time work which I’ve started this month. It’s actually just a help on documentations, forms, agreements and some things on business start-up. I like doing it now compared to when I was still working because I somehow missed my work and the person who asked me to work on it. It’s a nice feeling to meet up again with office friends you’ve worked with for several years and doing the work you’ve accustomed doing. 

My work simply involves the things I’ve done in my past employment and not about anything I’m foreign about. Now I’ve got loads of online tasks to finish and I’m planning to work overtime or overnight to lighten my load. I was just thinking if I’ll be working hard in the following days to come I may have some questions to my friend on how to get rid of dark circles because that’s my biggest problem when I sleep late or when I don’t sleep at all. It’s always like that for me after series of sleeping late at night. Anyway I can recover easily because my time is flexible and I can take short naps on not-so-busy days. I learned how to balance my time, rest and sleep with my online work now.


Thick and Strong Hair

My daughters are growing up so fast and little by little I’m seeing some of myself in them especially the younger girl because she looks like me and her ways are more like me when I was her age. I noticed though that her hair is a lot thicker than mine but the same kind of long straight tresses. I like thicker hair because they have less possibility of getting thinner when they grow old. Well, I know that these days it’s not so much of a problem because there are solutions like best hair loss products but it’s always more comfortable not to use any treatment if you can help it. 

I remember my father had problems with receding hair and I’m seeing the same problem with my brother. I guess it’s the genes so I’m watching over my kids to see if they inherit the same weakness in hair. If it’s on the male side only I have to watch my little boy because he strongly resembles me and my brother . But if Josh inherited my husband’s side he’ll be worry-free. Hubby got thick and strong hair.


TC: Green - Picnic Grove Park

for fun and learning
"GREEN" (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,...)

This is our favorite place when we want to relax and rest from the bustle of city life.  This is Tagaytay Picnic Grove, a park with a breathtaking view of Taal lake and volcano.  This park is nestled  at the slopes of Tagaytay Ridge and has a mild temperature because of the high altitude. All around the park are  lushes of green plants, trees and grass that's why I've chosen this one as my entry to Thursday Challenge.  This place is a popular destination for students on field trips, couples, tourists, local and foreign visitors and groups like us.  It has cottages, camp areas where we frequent most, playgrounds, restaurants and function halls.  We often stay on  picnic tables and sheds and do some grill cooking there.

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