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>> Saturday, April 23, 2011

My friend’s husband has lost his job and since employment is very hard these days they thought of starting a small business that they can manage both. They love to cook and in the past years had tried to run a small restaurant business but it’s very tasking and after two years they gave up. Now they want to try a food business again but they want one that will not require too much physical exhaustion like the restaurant business. Since mobile business is widespread in malls, markets, parks and in small communities they want to try having a hot dog trailer  because it will only have hotdogs, sausages and cold drinks so it will not exhaust their full strength and they can put up the trailer near the schools in their area for more customers. It can also be placed near the business district area as long as the trailer is nice enough for a more inviting look.

There are many companies that cater to mobile stores and carts and one should choose a good one that will make a good cart design that’s attractive enough to catch the attention of customers just like what Custom Concessions does with their line of custom dog carts and trailers. Their hot dog trailers are air conditioned so you can work comfortably with the provisions of functional items inside the carts. They also provide larger sizes, more options and additional equipment. They do full scale custom catering trailers upon client’s specific needs. Get a free quote now.


Side Effects of Topamax Drug on Pregnant Women

In any work you should be careful with what you do or perform to do your job perfectly. This is applicable to any job or profession. It can also apply to companies that manufacture food and drugs because they have a big responsibility to consumers. They should have their products undergo licenses and approval from government health agencies to ensure that their products complied with the necessary requirements for a healthy and safe product. It’s frustrating to know that some medicines like Topamax can be prescribed by doctors without knowing of its possible side effect to the baby in the womb of pregnant mother.

I’ve learned that there’s a Topamax lawsuit that can give justice to victims of Topamax drug which causes cleft lip and palate birth defects. It’s a disorder that can cause pain and insecurity to the child and though it can be treated with surgery it can cause some heartache for the mother to see her baby has it. Well if your child happens to have cleft lip or palate upon birth delivery and you have taken Topamax while you’re pregnant you can ask help from professional lawyers and seek their assistance and expertise for justice for your baby and product liability claims. Visit them at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 and start consulting them.


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