My Favorite Music Store

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

Since my daughter had her birthday this month I still haven’t bought her one of the two gifts I promised her. I already gave her the speedball lettering book she love which she’s using now to harness her lettering skills. It’s my hobby and acquired skill since secondary school and when I do some lettering on their projects she always say that she wanted to be like me. So when I finally bought her the book it’s always on her hands and patiently reading and practicing the lessons there.

Now I’m searching through music and instrument store for my other gift to her which is an acoustic guitar with a chord book. I was also thinking of adding up one music stand to surprise her. I once had a favorite music store near the university I’m studying at which has various music books and musical instruments but it’s so far from my town. I really need to allot some hours just to go there and pick from their assortment of guitars, chord books and some other accessories. 

I already called them and inquired about my specific requirements and they gave me the price. One free day I’ll go to that store or if DH is free maybe he can come with me so we can choose from recommended brands. I really love going to music stores as it fondly reminds me of my teenage years when I was so hooked with music.


Power-Folding Stroller and More

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My former officemate is again pregnant with her second child and since the first kid is quite big now they have given some of his things and gear to cousins. They will buy the same accessories, gear and clothes again as if they’re having their first offspring. She’s searching now for modern and convenient gears for their baby because there are plenty of innovations now for baby’s equipment and accessories. She particularly like the 4moms origami stroller because when you want it fold by itself you will just touch a button and presto! It will fold on its own since it’s the first power-folding stroller. This is really nice if ever they had that when my kids were smaller I would buy one for them.

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Several Hobbies in Mind

>> Monday, January 23, 2012

My kids love spending school breaks in swimming resorts and we often visit resort capital on short holidays with our church mates. My daughter loves collecting swimming accessories like life vest, water goggles and other things that she needs every time we have swimming outdoors. Really this young girl of mine has plenty of hobbies in her mind as she also loves playing musical instruments, playing chess and badminton and has several collectibles on her cabinet. She’s an achiever in school and collected a number of medals in her primary years. Now that she has turned into a teener this month I wish that she’ll enjoy more of her life and not be bothered with too many achievements because I want her to enjoy her teenage years.


New Desktop for the Kids

>> Saturday, January 21, 2012

Since our desktop computer are almost 5 years of usage I’m thinking of saving for a new one because lately the kids are finding it slower in processing compared to my laptop. Our present desktop PC is as good and reliable as ever but when I visited the shops in the mall near our office I began to realize that we should a backup PC for the kids. When I’m in the office they don’t use my laptop on their assignments except when the three of them have the same deadlines in school projects where they will have to use computer. 

Now upon looking at the displays at the mall where I also found some nice apple desktop computers I’m thinking now what’s the best brand or model that will satisfy my specific requirements so I can plan on my budget easily. I’ll also read good and bad reviews so I will be able to choose the right one for my kids.


Busy Weekdays for Renewals

>> Friday, January 20, 2012

The office especially accounting department was so busy this week as it’s the period for renewal of business. I’d like to help my friend with her renewal but I should be in the office when she’s out with errands and papers to submit to various government agencies. The renewal is so tasking because the line is so long you’ll finish at night. You’ll spend the whole day in City Hall with papers to submit to comply with requirements and pray that you’ll be finish with assessment. Today my friend left the office to pay for the assessed amount and she told me that she’ll be expecting to finish the payment near midnight. 

First day of the month is really a busy day for her department not just with the licenses but also with the taxes as well. I just hope that she’ll finish every deadline that she may have so she can rest this weekend. I learned that she’s discussing about schools like Nashville cosmetology school where her friend wants to enrol to pursue a very different kind of career, that of being a beauty consultant. Well everyone is entitled to her/his own dreams and we just have to respect them. 

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Building a Career with Personal Installment Loans

>> Monday, January 9, 2012

Image by skettalee via Flickr

When building a career by starting your own business, you will probably need a loan to get you. While personal installment loans may not cover all of your expenses, you may want to consider applying for one to help with some of your initial costs. Personal installment loans are really beneficial in starting a business, and the more you learn about these advantages, the more you'll understand how this type of loan fits your current financial situation.

They Are Easy to Get

Personal installment loans may be some of the easiest loans to apply for. You can get these loans from banks and other financial institutions online and off, but many people prefer online companies more because of their quick and hassle-free process. Plus, you can receive your loan money in as little as 24 hours. Some agencies, such as when you apply for installment loans from Plain Green Loans, don't require a credit check. You will also get instant approval, so there's no need to waste your time waiting.

The Payment Process is Easy and Simple

Installment loans work by incorporating the interest into every payment, so each payment--whether it is every two weeks or every month--is the exact same price. With payments fairly low, you can easily work them into your finances, and you always know how much the bill costs. You can have anywhere from a few months to several years to pay off your personal loan.

You Aren't Putting Much at Risk

Because personal installment loans don't require any collateral to support your loan, you aren't risking much when you get one. If your business doesn't do too great before the loan is paid off, you aren't putting your house or other assets at risk, unlike when you take out a mortgage. Instead, you simply risk additional fees, but since interest rates aren't very high on personal loans to start with, it isn't a high risk to use one to start your business.

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You Can Always Come Back For More

If your business is successful and you pay off your loan in full, personal loan agencies will offer you more money at lower interest rates each time you borrow. If your business runs into a financial crisis, you can return to the loan agency you started with and they will give you more money than they did the first time. As interest rates go down every time you borrow, you may end up saving money unlike when you take out other types of loans. So, when will you apply for your personal installment loan?


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