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>> Thursday, February 23, 2012

In my work there’s always a need to be extra cautious with managing files and documents. Documents are so important that saving files and having backups should be done daily. But backups are not safe in other forms like using CDs, USB sticks and other means because sooner or later they will crash or get ruined. For securing work files it’s best to get a reliable online storage where your files can be protected. It will also be an added benefit that it should be easily accessible just like what JustCloud offers to clients.
JustCloud gives you have peace of mind over your important files at work and at home. It will backup all the files that you choose to the Cloud and after the initialization it will automatically saves updates and backup new additional files. You can run a backup schedule as you wish but it also backup files at the same time daily. Rest assured that data files are not only safe and secured but accessible anytime you want and from anywhere you’re located around the globe. You don’t have to carry your physical storage like USB drive or external hard disks when you move around or when you’re in travel because you can have it easily whenever, wherever. That’s what we call data innovation.

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>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Digital imaging devices and equipment are essential in providing accurate medical diagnosis. To deliver quality medical care, hospitals, medicals clinics, and other medical facilities should be well equipped with high quality reliable imaging equipment. provides medical imaging devices and equipment through sales and rental. It also offers maintenance plans and consulting services. Among the products that offers are PET systems, CT systems, nuclear medicine systems, and nuclear radiology systems, among others. These systems include Cardiac PET, PET Scanner, Gamma Camera, CT Scanner, and many more. You can also rely on them for repairs and parts replacement if your existing imaging systems need to be fixed.

The site is well designed and easy to navigate. Its neutral white and gray theme with deep purple accents gives a professional and efficient look. The images of the different imaging equipment that they offer are flashed on the home page, adding a medical and technical element to the home page.

The information that can be found on the web site are easily accessible through the left sidebar which includes a link to the home page, the different systems that they offer, the services that they offer, the parts page, and the accessories page. On the other hand, you can access the contact page, quotation request page, about us, news, and list of partners through the links listed on the right portion below the header. For added ease in navigation, all the accessible pages are listed on the bottom of the page, serving as a site map for visitors.


Expensive Hobbies and Collection

>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

It amazed me that some people managed to have a hobby of collecting precious metals like gold and silver bars or in other forms like jewelries and old coins. They must have high finances to fund their chosen hobby or they must be rich to be able to afford such expensive collection. On other thoughts I think I understand their desire to collect something of value or anything they fancies and anyway it's also an investment. 

I also have some penchant for coin collection which is giving some sort of satisfaction and happiness but it’s not costing me a single cent. I only save some pieces whenever the government changes forms of coins and paper bills and add them to my existing collections. When I see my collections slowly increasing and arranged in years I’m happy enough.


Motorcyle and Mobile Phone Accessory Shop

>> Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Auntie was glad that finally her transaction with the lessee was finalized. Her commercial place at the front of our compound was vacated a month ago and it took that long before it was taken by the right lessee. Many people asked, inquired and stated their desire to rent the place but their proposed business is not fitted for the style of the shop. My Auntie would not allow any lessee to change the look and design of her commercial business so she was really choosy. At last when the guy who wants to sell mobile and motorcycle accessories asked about the place my Auntie agreed immediately.

The guy seems to be very determined with his business even if he’s still young. Now they’re moving their things and their merchandise into the shop including their receipt printer and bar code scanner. There’s a motorcycle store opposite the shop and I was so sure that it’s the reason why the guy chose my Auntie’s place. It’s a smart choice for him because anyone who will get or buy a motorcycle would be thinking of looking for nice accessories across the road.


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