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>> Saturday, March 31, 2012

Women love shopping especially those working women who need to have their things stylish and fashionable even at work. I have observed this thing as when there’s a mall wide sale you can see a lot of them coming from the office dropping by the malls to buy their working accessories like shoes, bags and other needed things. My Mom used to tell us that working women’s investment in working are shoes, bags and clothes so we must not deprive ourselves from buying those things when we need them though we must also consider a justifiable budget because if you splurge on a shopping spree it’s not anymore a necessity but a luxury.

Anyway for me shopping is not always enjoyable especially if there are plenty of people buying and grabbing discounted items on sale. I easily back out on such environment and most of the times prefer shopping online with the use of my online account. Just yesterday my family dropped of my office and we went to various gadgets store for our desktop and laptop’s accessories. We got what we need but we got tired easily and wished to go home immediately unlike when I shop online on sites like Sacramento classifieds and some other shopping sites I don’t have to walk to various stores to get what I need.

Well it’s even easier with the help of free shopping list search engine which guides the user to list of information and shopping sites where they can avail of good buys, competitive deals and discounts like Baltimore classifieds. It’s for people who want to get the most out of their hard earned money without having to visit and canvas through various stores just to get the best deals. It’s the best way to shop without consuming all your effort and time. It’s comfortable and convenient to shop in the premises of your own home. It’s safer and secured without the hassles of too many people shopping at the same time.


Beautiful Blooms

>> Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Mom looks very happy when she goes out her garden this morning because the yellow blooms are lining up prettily in the pathway. Hubby suddenly developed penchant for gardening and lined up petite yellow blooms along the path from the gate to our terrace. After two months of caring they’re now blooming so beautifully. Maybe he got the ideas from his older brother who does some landscaping on his mother’s home. Their garden in Montalban is huge and various flowering shrubs grow prettily all year round. 

We actually got most of our plants and flowers from that garden because they always have spare for us. I’m now thinking of having planter at one corner of our garden or near the window to enhance the front view of our house and to give a greener effect on the whole place. We’re situated at the side of the national road and it would help in giving us a cleaner and unpolluted air.


Getting Through Annual Physical Exam

>> Saturday, March 17, 2012

I had my annual physical examination last month and thanked God that all laboratory tests are good and within the normal range. I have to admit that at first I’m a little nervous especially that my last general check up was several years ago when I gave birth to my youngest kid. All my hospital visits in the past was only for my pregnancies and after my last delivery I haven’t visited the hospital for my own examination and test.

I actually dread dropping by hospitals because white walls and white uniforms make me remember how hard it is to be hospitalized be it birth deliveries or sickness. When I saw that the clinic has staff that wear scrub tops with designs I suddenly felt comfortable and calmer. On my succeeding visits for other tests and check up I’m more relaxed and braver than before.


Back to Work

>> Saturday, March 10, 2012

When I started working again I realized that my two years working at home not only gave me so much blessing financially but physical as well. I gained so much pounds that my office clothes didn’t fit me at all. I only have few remaining which were big for me in the past but I promised myself not to buy many clothes until I lose some pounds. It was hard to believe that the clothes I used to wear before I resigned in my former job are not my size anymore.

I read about several ways on slimming down and included reviews on diet regimen, diet pills and browsed on to know what pills are safe and effective. Well most that I read has good ingredients and no side effects but I want to read the user’s feedback on the products to make sure of the quality and how it can be of help to consumers. Doctor’s consultation though is of vital importance before using any diet pills.


Tungsten Rings, The New White Metal

>> Friday, March 9, 2012

If you are looking to get married or looking to get a new wedding band you have probably heard of tungsten rings. You probably have seen someone wearing a tungsten carbide ring as well. These rings are considered the new white metal. Platinum or silver are the most widely worn white metals but now tungsten has hit the market with a lot of force. Some might say that they actually white because they have a dark even black tent to them depending on the lighting. In the right lighting they are white and even sometimes look like a mirror.

When you are looking at wedding bands you want to decide on the metal before you decide on the style or design of the ring. If you find a design you absolutely love and then you find out you can’t get it in the type of metal you like you will be very disappointed. So find the metal you like first. If you are allergic to nickel you will want to avoid white gold or tungsten rings. Both of those types of rings contain at least a little nickel. If you have an allergy and get one you will find that it will cause skin irritation and make it so you can’t wear you ring.


Tranquility Beds

>> Friday, March 2, 2012

After a long day of work in the office I’m always looking forward to going home to my family, have dinner together, bonding in watching television and rest in a comfortable bed at night. As I work both in the office and at home doing freelance writing there’s nothing as relaxing as sleeping in a soft and firm mattress to rebuild your strength and charge you up for the next day. I read that we need 8-10 hours of good sleep to sustain us for the next day’s activities so I’m thinking of replacing our old mattress with what I saw in

Aside from having high quality mattresses Tranquility Mattresses promotes eco-friendly products as all their produce has natural latex which is renewable and bio degradable that will not affect in harming our environment. They provide extensive risk-free guarantee, 20 year warranty and free shipping. They’re on Leap Year sale now where you can save $850 on all your purchase of mattresses plus 2 free pillows.


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