Meeting for Kumakasa Activities

>> Monday, April 30, 2012

We had our meeting last week at Bayan Corporate Center Multipurpose Hall to discuss about the upcoming activities of Kasamang Kumakasa activities like seminars, roadshow and mini trade fair on May 14 up to 25.  All queries and concerns were addressed properly and with guidance on how we should do the activities.  It was attended by all vendors of Bayantel and slots/dates were raffled off. 

I picked up #12 and had no choice but to pick up the second day of the roadshow on May 24  4pm.  Luckily we picked up Slot#12 for our mini trade fair which will be on a good spot area.  This trade fair will be for the last 2 days of the whole kumakasa activities.  The meeting was held by Vendor Management Officer Engr. Phil Lomboy and his assistant Jayell Mateo.  Meeting ended at 5pm with registration of our scheduled date of each activities.


Retiring from Work

>> Saturday, April 28, 2012

I heard some of my online friends retired from work already and there are others who expressed interest of retiring soon also. With the current crisis going on I’m blessed to have two jobs. I was able to maintain both office work and my paid writing job despite busy schedule and I’m so thankful for it. I just need two more years before DH will have his education degree so maybe I’ll be able to go back to working at home. Earning salaries from two jobs is really a big help to my finances but I also miss being at home with my kids especially when they go home and I’m there to welcome them with their favorite food and help them with school assignments. Those are the simple things that I missed so much and what I want to do with my life. I’ve retired from a 16-year old job last July 2009 and returned to corporate world last year so it’s too early to retire again. 

Maybe I’ll give myself until DH starts his teaching career and I’ll be working comfortably again in my home office.  Anyway when I resigned three years ago my former boss gave me a despedida lunch which touched my heart so much especially when he said that I’m his favorite employee. They didn’t want me to go but I needed to in those times so they approved my resignation in a year’s notice. Some of my friends gave me remembrance items and they all wished me good luck in my future endeavours. I would love to receive chocolate retirement gifts then but they gave me memoirs instead lol!. Well now I can buy those delicious gifts for me and for my friends easily because they’re available online. I love those fancy berry spectacular and classic truffle assortments. 


Thankful for Work Blessings

Time flies so fast and I’m happy to note that it’s been one year since I joined my friend in her new company. It’s just a part time job in the beginning which turned to a full time job after one month. I still can’t believe that one year has passed since that day I joined Optimus Technologies which gave me a fixed and additional income to my paid writing job. My online earnings dropped off to almost 50% less last year and the office job offered to me is indeed a blessing from God to help me cope up with our family’s expenses.

The blessing was just in time for my need then and I know God planned it all for me. With all these work blessings I received I’m hoping that in the coming years to come I’ll be able to come back to what I love most and that’s being a work-at-home Mom. I know that when DH will graduate from his education course and start practicing his teaching career there will no one to take care of the kids and I should be at home to attend them. My Mom also needs someone in the house with her so I will be a willing companion for her. I love it.


Internet Security for Your Business

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In all offices that I worked since Internet invades the world I’m always assigned to work that involves being online all the time. I was assigned to be the international carrier settlement officer in my previous job in minor Telco company and it required me to be online all the time. All coordination, inquiries, billings and disputes were done through internet communications and Ii realized how valuable this innovation into corporate business. It has served as an easy way of communicating with other businesses around the globe and makes it convenient to transact and to relay information across. All transactions were carried in the least possible time and all I need to check is our associate’s time zone in order to gauge our online communication. 

 Everything’s fine and good until I’ve experienced security trouble and learned that Internet Security Software should be installed to prevent viruses from corrupting our confidential files and hacking online transactions. Business communications over the net should have the best security in order to assure safety of agreements and finance transactions as well. I’m just thankful that our software specialist in the office knows how to prevent all these and where we can get the protection that will not only prevent us from having viruses but to maintain the system’s security also. 

With the help of Trend Antivirus businesses will be able to secure what they’re transmitting over the net. It will also make them feel safe that they develop solutions on how to prevent, secure and manage the whole company’s security network. Now that innovations are fast emerging and cloud environments are here already they also offer solutions that can protect the most confidential and precious data not just in physical and virtual aspects but in cloud environment as well. Rest assured that businesses will not worry about their security again.


Checking Drug Ingredients

>> Sunday, April 22, 2012

With the many health supplements flooding various drug stores I can’t seem to think how people can buy them without knowing how the medicines work or what their ingredients are. As for me I always look for contents and ingredients in every medicine to check whether it will produce good result or mainly want to be assured that it’s good. This is the reason why I asked my friend to view the site so he’ll know the testoripped ingredients of the boosters they want to buy. It’s still best to use products with natural ingredients to avoid complications in the future.


Applying For a Job

When applying for a job the first thing that you have to prepare is a well-written resume aside from your credentials in college and certificates of training. Since resume is where you put all pertinent data about yourself it should be done with perfect care and attention. It should have list of work experiences so the company you’re applying to will know your capabilities in handling work. Some companies have their own resume where they will ask you to fill it up. One of those that I know of is the kroger application form where you can fill up and write about work history, training/seminars, contact information, references and skills. It should help you get through your exam and job interview.


Musical Instrument’s Inventory

>> Saturday, April 21, 2012


The music ministry in our church will meet tomorrow to talk about the inventory of our musical instruments. Our instruments are too old and some need replacement in a matter of few months. The inventory will determine which instrument should be replaced first and be prioritizing with the budget. They will actually get it from the midweek ministers’ fund and because I’m the one handling it they will inform me immediately about the outcome of the meeting so I can prepare the money. I will also buy my kids a guitar for their home use but I’m still searching for a good quality one like breedlove or some other tested brands. My daughters will start studying how to play guitar this summer and I should be ready with the instrument as soon as possible.


Work Place

In my work we’re not sure if we’re still staying in the same office address next year because my boss instructed me to extend our contract for 2 consecutive quarters only. I was glad that we didn’t transfer to Makati City because that would mean 2-3 hours time allowance in the morning just to get there. It would also mean that I’ll be too much late going home.

Right after college graduation I stayed away from any job opportunities on that place because it’s not only far from home but will cost me a lot of expenses too. If only I had one of those mobile homes for sale then maybe I could have placed it near my work place and I will not worry about the long distance and travel time. Anyway I really liked those models of mobile homes – their style and quality it offers.


Employee Monitoring Software

>> Friday, April 20, 2012

There are various ways of knowing the efficiency and skills of your employees but sometimes even the most common evaluation form cannot gauge the true working capabilities of officers and staff. I’ve served as Human Resource Officer for several years and I have many observations on the employees attitude and behaviour. Employees are observed and evaluated by their immediate supervisor and salary increase will be based from the report given by superiors.

Most of the times the evaluation is accurate and speaks honestly of the attitude, skills and capabilities of employees but few times evaluation is not that fair. There are cases that evaluation is shadowed by favouritism and that report would be good if relationship between superior and staff is good. Well as suggested by our IT specialist then we can have Employee Monitoring Software to ensure that fair evaluation will be at hand. Monitoring can be a good advantage not only to employers but to employees as well because all will be monitored and observe fairly.

With the help of Employee Monitoring Software the employer should be able to control remote employees from anywhere. My Team Monitor will be able to provide their clients with employer interface and employees interface wherein both will be given access to program that will monitor their worked hours, activity index and logouts due to inactivity. The employees can set their starting hours and click whether they’re working or on break time.

My Team Monitor’s Employee Monitoring Software is programmed to increase employees productivity because it gives discipline on working hours. This is very important in work who have continuous deadline to meet and those in manufacturing services also. Generally it can be used by any employer so they watch over their employees working time habits, their efficiency and productivity without being in near proximity.


Good Buy at Gadgets’ Store

>> Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I was in Cyberzone yesterday searching for an External Hard Drive to store my documents and pictures. I had a good buy in one of the stores there and I was so happy that I was able to buy the best brand they have at a price lower than offered in most stores. I patted myself that I had the patience to round all the stores and canvassed all the prices before going back to the one with the best price. I wanted an affordable EHD but I don’t want a second quality brand. I was lucky to have both quality and affordability in my gadget shopping yesterday.

I also canvassed prices for netbooks as I really want Ed to have his own so he can carry it with him whenever he needs it in school. I want everything in good planning so it’s my habit to list all my wish gadgets then canvass and save money to buy all in priority lists. I buy all gadgets in my online writing income because that’s where most of my money are coming from and where I could put in extra expenses. My salary in my regular job is for our basic necessities at home so it will not be spent on any second priority list.


Having the Same Interest in Sports

My second daughter Gen took after my interest in joining and playing various sports. I’ve played football, volleyball, table tennis, bowling and some other sports when I was in college and still single. I became too busy when I got married and had kids so I stopped my sports. I missed it and I gained pounds because of lack of sports activities that’s why I returned to walking and badminton. That’s the least I could do with myself, I can’t fit it in my schedule and I had no choice.

Now I’m seeing myself in my daughters especially Gen who in her primary schooling represented the school and joined chess competition amidst her academic competitions. She’s a very competitive student and she always tries to achieve whatever goal she has. The other day we were talking about sports and they made me tell stories about my football sports in college. I told them that I want a fantasy football trophies then but it’s only a dream because my best sports are tennis and bowling. I’m just a middle range player in football and it’s only a hobby sports for me I never pursued playing it after school. Well obviously it runs in the blood now that they also like most of the sports I love.


Better Conferencing Services

>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working in corporate office is a lot more advanced now than in the past generation where setting up a meeting could take few days or more than one week because each member should fit it in their schedule before they can commit attendance. A conference cannot be done immediately because there are few people that will not be able to come. As meeting delays can affect the operation I’m glad that scheduling conference is not that hard with audio conferencing services which can give any company a way of meeting up members even without their physical appearance.

When I learned this thing more than three years ago I was really glad because on my past work I always have to communicate with our international suppliers and clients. With this kind of conferencing services meeting up with them is easier as you only have to set the day and time and you’ll all be there. With less time on the conference we’ll assume that there’s more time for the operations side of the business.


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