Spending Long Weekends Near the Mountains

>> Saturday, June 23, 2012

I love weekends because we’re all free from work and school activities. This is the only time that family can eat, play and bond together for the whole day without the pressure of workload and assignments from school. On other times we would spend the weekends in my MIL’s house because they’re located near the mountains and going there is like having a vacation in the province except that it only takes us more than an hour to be there. When we go there for a couple of days on long weekends we pack our clothes, personal things and extra foam mattress so we can sleep comfortably anywhere in that house. 

The whole ground floor of the house is air-conditioned so sleeping on foams on any corner of the house would be so comfortable and convenient. They just turned it on when we’re there as it would be so costly to have the whole house air-conditioned and we only do that on hot or summer days. Anyway when you go outside at night you’ll feel the cold breeze around the area and it’s not that surprising because they live near the mountains. The kids love the place and when they’re free from homework on long weekends we grab the opportunity to spend our free time there.


Bayantel's Mini Trade Fair

>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

We had our booth at the Bayantel Mini Trade Fair last May 24 and 25 where we featured our PABX products such as MXB and Connecto from ITS Telecom. MXB is a mobile broadband access which is just a smaller version of Connecto, the two offers data, voice and PBX services over a cellular network technology. 

We also displayed our network storage My Ditto from Dane Elec which captured the attention of those looking for safe storage that can be accessed easily. My Ditto has the capabilities of handling your files and images up to 2 TB anytime anywhere with just the use of USB access. This is perfect for businesses with multiple locations.

The fair went smooth for two days giving us enough opportunities to promote and introduce these innovative products to Bayan officers and staff for future solutions to clients needs. Our technical engineers were most busy on coffee and lunch breaks when all employees of the said Telco firm have their time to round off several booths and inquire on products and services when they’re interested. Our marketing department was able to talk to their business product specialists who told us that they will see how they can offer our products to prospective clients.


Better Physique for Better Work

>> Thursday, June 14, 2012

I’m a busy person not just in my office work but in my online writing job. I don’t regret it and actually feel very blessed that God has been giving me plenty of opportunities to earn not just on my career but through my hobby of writing. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have resigned from a 16-year old job to work full time on my sites at home. Writing has earned me a living more than what I gained from my former regular work and for two years I enjoy being a work -at-home Mom. A year ago I was given an opportunity too good to resist working again in an office and since then I started a dual work again-that of my corporate and my online work. 

Working is an enjoyable thing for me it’s just that I began missing my workout which regains my strength to face daily challenges in life. Life should be handled with careful maintenance not just on managing household but on living a healthy lifestyle too. Now I’m trying to lose excess pounds through being a half-vegetarian and tries to be more disciplined in sleeping early at night. I also want to go back to work out if time will permit and hope to be fit and strong again. Some of my male friends who were bigger than me have great results from enrolling in a gym workout. They have built their goals of gaining strength and building up muscles to achieve a leaner and fit physique. 

 They finally found discipline in their being and try to follow what their exercise program instructs them. They’re actually excited about old friends seeing them as a different person now. Well for others it’s not that easy to do that as lack of time and discipline won’t allow them to achieve better physique so they just resort to taking supplements like that of bodybuildingfactory body supplements. With the help of these supplements they can achieve muscle growth and gain strength faster. Combined with regular workout and proper diet it can bring them healthier body with a muscled physique that will define their built. With a super fit and healthy look they will be more confident and effective at work.


Birthday Prep

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My niece’ daughter will have her 3rd birthday soon and she’s now thinking of ideas on how to celebrate it. As early as now she’s canvassing needed party supplies and asking me of a good location. Last year they held it in a popular fast food chain but now they want a different venue. The celebrant is their one and only child and as such they want to give her the best in everything. 

Even then they also want to have as much savings as they could as they’re also building their house in our compound so I suggested them to just celebrate the birthday near our place and try to get wholesale prices on giveaways and some other birthday supply items like Bulk Candy, balloons, invitations, loot bags, prizes and a lot more. Iya is such a darling to us and we want her to enjoy her birthday as well so we’ll help with all the preparations for her forthcoming birthday.


My Work Goal

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I enjoy having two jobs right now and feel so blessed that God has given me work opportunities both online and offline. I’m praying that the company I work at will soon flourish. I’m part of the group that started up the company more than a year ago and I want it to be as successful as we envisioned it to be. Our group is an ideal one as every employee works hard to keep up with the demands of their position and even if we’re just a small company now we’re doing our best to attain not just our goal but that of the company as well. To strengthen our effort we ensure that we have system that will simplify our office procedures and technical support that assists our clients 24/7.


Systemized Solutions

Every company has its goal on how to make their business as successful as they plan it to be. Thus they implement system that will give customized solutions on office procedures, operations and services. Systematized procedures are necessary to simplify work, speed up procedures and make every operation as easy and quick as possible eliminating errors in the process. 

So whether your business is in engineering, electronics, medical, consultancy, construction, food industry or any other field of service be sure that you employ solutions like Restaurant System in a dining business to further enhance facilitation of services. This way you’ll be able to optimize results that will help your organization to succeed and flourish.


Diamond Jewelry Store Reviews

>> Thursday, June 7, 2012

When I think of diamond I regard it as a very precious gem stone because it’s unbreakable, unalterable and has many uses. In early times when people generation is still young they use it to engrave tools and later as years go by people have discovered how to enhance this gem by making it an adornment. Since diamond has a definite elegance and beauty it became popular and the art of making beautiful diamond jewelries flourished. When a man wants to be engaged and married he would choose an elegant diamond ring to give to his bride. It has become part of engagement ceremonies and weddings, at least for the middle class people because diamonds are expensive and average earning workers can’t afford it. 

Still it’s good to look at some sites that sells this beautiful gem and makes me wish that I could have one of those beautifully crafted rings, necklaces and other jewelries made of diamonds. Well almost all girls would want to collect or own even just a single piece of  bluenile diamonds which has flawless and high quality features you can rely on. I learned that they make it possible that they offer a low price so it will be affordable to many. They have reliable and very accommodating customer service that you can reach through toll numbers anytime. They’ll be more than willing to entertain inquiries to help you find the right diamond for your specific requirements. Also you can find feedbacks and real reviews on them. 

Well now it’s easy to decide where you can buy diamonds or how you choose the best stone with diamond store reviews. For those who want to know what they will buy they can find the best reviews on  jewelry stores in Houston and come to the right decision. Jewelry buying is not an easy task especially if you’re not an expert in choosing the right stone and in gauging the authenticity of the diamond you’re buying. Through reviews you’ll be able to find the store that offers the best for your taste in style, fashion, quality and price. So now get ready to search for diamonds that you like for your special someone. Each store’s customer service should be able to help you in the process answering queries and everything that you need to ask before buying the precious and high quality diamond jewelry. Feels good to know we can get help.


Prospects of Work with Specialized Courses

>> Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This school year marks the start of K+12 curriculum extending the grade level of schoolers to enhance the level of learning for students. I learned from the graduation speech of one educator that we’re one of the three countries who practice the old curriculum so they’re changing it now for education enhancement. I was convinced by his assurance that after the additional grade levels students who graduate high school will be equipped with knowledge and skills that will be able to land them a job so they will have a chance to work while studying in college or if they will not pursue college education they will have the skills to work.

This is true because these days they also practice ladderized education which is very helpful to those who can’t continue a 4 or 5-year college degree course. This way they can graduate in two years and will decide if they will continue it to 4 years or if they don’t want to study further they can have apt credentials to work. Well it depends on your inclination or prospect job, now if you want to learn beauty services you can consider Austin cosmetology school because they offer a good learning phases in beauty schooling. They provide workshop where you learn basics then rehearsal to fine-tune your skills and performance where the students will be able to sharpen their skills and apply everything that they learned from the school. This kind of learning will guarantee a good education that will land them a good job in the line of beauty services. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


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