Vendor Accreditation and Performance Evaluation

>> Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In our topic for new vendor meeting yesterday we discussed the objectives and responsibilities, accreditation requirements, composition of accreditation team, classification of suppliers and revocation of accreditation. Actually we’ve passed through some of it when we applied for accreditation but it’s good to know the classification of suppliers where we must strive to aim for the preferred or certified supplier. But now that we’re only new we only have an accredited supplier category so when we reached 5 years or more maybe we could reach the coveted level in the company. 

We also talked about the vendor performance evaluation where we were informed of objectives and the evaluation committee’s responsibilities. Evaluation criteria were also tackled where category as either Project related or Regular transactions were explained. In every evaluation it is expected that each company should aim for a good rating on their performances and these were discussed further.


Meeting Associates Through Video Conferencing

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Most of the office I’ve worked with deals with suppliers and clients abroad and we maximize use of the internet to communicate. I remember being an international carrier settlement officer in my past job which necessitates me to email, talk or chat with the clients to order, give services and to collect and pay. I was very glad that online communications are made possible because it has made my work easier. It would be so hard if we would only talk to them on international call whenever we need anything or fly abroad for a requested meeting. Now it’s easier for businesses and companies to deal with clients with the use of Video Conferencing , the latter being the most common scenario among offices today. You don’t need for your client’s schedule of meetings in their companies. All you need to know is his availability for a couple of hours and you’ll be able to meet via video meeting.

Cook and Wiley  provides video conferencing in the Central Virginia area. They provide their clients with free usage of their conference room featuring the highly innovated video conferencing technology with Polycom VSX7000 camera and 37 inch plasma TV, IP-based service connection and ISDN phone system. This perfect setup place for video conference allows the user to do meetings, interviews and conferencing without leaving their area. No need to travel and spend money and time just to meet business associates abroad. Now communications can be done faster and easier maximizing online capabilities at affordable costs.


Vendor Meeting

>> Monday, July 16, 2012

I attended the meeting seminar for the new vendors in Bayantel this afternoon.  Bayantel always have it when there’s a group of new vendors who passed the accreditation application and it’s a semi-annual seminar for all.  Since everyone seems to be just new just like us and accredited only for just few months he discussed everything that needs to be learned in the procedures and standards.  I observed that most of the attendees are Sales and only few of us are in the Admin/HR department but anyway I will just discuss all to our Sales and Marketing when I reached our office.  The discussion is in powerpoint presentation which makes it so fast and clear.  It also enables me to just note a few lines since Sir Phil will give us a copy via email tomorrow.


Richmond Aluminum Fencing

I’ve visited a new village in the hilly town next to us and observed that the row of houses there has no gates or fences. I was thinking if they’re just new and would soon build a fence or the village is designed to have houses like that. The houses are patterned after each other and if you’re not that familiar with your own house you’ll find yourself lost in another’s house. It’s nice looking at the houses without fences and just the garden dividing the residences from the road but I still feel anxious. I feel that anytime intruders may come in and invade your privacy. This is where fence is most welcome because it can create a secured place for your family where strangers can’t just enter. With Richmond Aluminum Fencing you can be assured that you get quality job when it comes to fence installation or repair job within the Richmond area and nearby places. 

Fence Me In Richmond provides custom fence design, installation services and fence repair job. They will see to it that the fence design will be apt to your specific requirements and suggests the best for your property. Their skilled employees will work best to supply all your needs and make sure that every issue is agreed upon before the projects starts. They use the best aluminium products and wet setting instead of dry packing to bring about stability in their fence posts. Best of all they can offer their products in affordable costs because they order their materials in wholesale quantities. So whether you need fences on your residential house or in commercial areas, be it traditional or specialized kind they can serve you the best fence in town.


Good Advertising Channel for Your Company

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

In every business advertising is very important so people will know what your products and services are. No matter how nice and good your business is it will not be known unless someone advertise or market it to prospective clients. Thus it’s advisable to use marketing strategies and devices to promote your best products for the consumers and would-be clients. Nowadays it’s easier to do it because we have social networking where you could use as a channel to endorse the products. You could also use online advertising through blog sites with heavy traffic of visitors. These are some of the best-known ways on how to introduce and market your products online to people who didn’t know what you have to offer.

But when you talk of real promotions and advertisements offline help there are various recommendations from Monster Displays. They create easy to setup and portable customized trade show displays for their clients depending on specific needs and requirements. They offer various styles of displays such as modular display, outdoor display, custom display, panel display, pop-up displays, tension fabric display, truss display, sustainable exhibits and varied styles of banner stands. They also have accessories for their displays like workstations, kiosks and pop, trade show flooring and graphics and a lot more. Sometimes our company participates in trade show exhibits and I have to admit that these kind of custom displays and banner stands help a lot in attracting the attention of clients. We used retractable banner stands in our last trade show exhibit and it gave us an attractive and informative background for our booth.

Since we offer telecommunications equipment it attracts most of the visitors. People always go for the innovative gadgets and equipment and they asked and inquired our products’ office-in-one capabilities. The banner helps us to promote our products easily and with a promise of getting clients from that exhibit. Well if you want your company to boost its sales through good advertising channel you can choose among their wide range of display products best for trade show, product exhibits, presentations and on occasions that you have to introduce your products


Learning How to Play Musical Instruments

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

My kids love music and they love playing instruments too. Last year I was able to enroll my two girls in basic piano class and my little boy in drum lessons and from then on they didn’t stopped from practicing what they learned from their music summer class. We already have an organ where they can practice their music piece but they told me that they also want to learn playing the guitar. I smiled to myself because when I was at their age I also want to take guitar lessons but time and budget didn’t allowed those privileges so I promised myself that if my kids would express interest I will enroll them.

I’m canvassing different types of guitar for them now and I’ve found one that can also be used as electric guitar. Of course I want something like that of gibson les paul studio ebony gold electric guitar but since the kids are only starting out a simple and regular guitar will do for now. Hope they will find time now to continue with their goal of learning musical instruments because they’re very busy with school activities. At times my second daughter would try to squeeze in some minutes for her piano but the stress of doing assignments and projects is taking its toll on them that she’ll stop and rest. I told them that they have plenty of hours to do their hobbies of music playing when they have school vacation.


Coffee Anytime Anywhere

When my brother and I dropped by the school to bring lunch foods to our kids who are in the same class we noticed a new coffee booth in the school. We were about to go home when my brother bought himself a cup of coffee and surprised that the price is very reasonable just like when you buy sachet of instant coffee. There are various coffee carts for sale now that can be placed on various establishments like office, schools, 24/7 stores and within the community which my brother loves because he’s always on the go. He’s now happy that anywhere he goes and anytime he needs there will be booths and carts that he can buy coffee. Just like me he’s a coffee lover and it relaxes us to drink a steaming rich cup of coffee when we’re working. Now my brother’s daily visits to various places of his construction sites will be more enjoyable with an easy access to his favorite drink.


Thinking of Nice Gift for Client

My colleague is shopping for gift to one of our favorite clients and she’s choosing among quality, functional and branded items. Among her choices are expensive pens, distinctive perfumes, wines, men’s accessories or even arturo fuente cigars. She’s not quite familiar with the latter as she has only seen them when she was surfing for gift ideas. The client has everything he needs as he’s well capable of buying what he wants so choosing gift for him is both easy and hard. It’s easy because you just have to think of something nice that he would love but hard in the sense that it has to be extra special or branded so it will not be just a regular gift. Whatever she gives I know that it will be kept and regarded as something that will be remembered.


On Running Away

>> Thursday, July 5, 2012

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Well this sounds true sometimes. I've known some friends who tried to do this trick and it worked on them. They ran away and their guys followed them and asked them to come back. But for me it's too risky in a relationship. I still believe in talking things out if there are problems so both parties will see and be aware of what's wrong with them. Maybe they could patch things up there and then so you won't sleep with burdens on your heart. Just my opinion!

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