Affordable Marketing Services

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When I was requested to help our sales department I was asked to call out prospective clients and send proposals through email. I’ve done all of these and even called some of my friends for referral but I must admit it’s either our products are high end or some companies just don’t have usage for such high quality equipment. When I’m making calls it’s ok for clients to receive emails but some of them didn’t replied back as I told them there’s no obligation whatsoever. My colleague who is the person in-charge of sales department told me that she’s gone through the same process and experienced hardship in getting appointment for at least demo presentation. 

Sales and marketing are the main components in business and it should be done with careful study and planning on how to come up with good and effective strategies in order to be successful. Of course you should also know your target customers because your email could be sent on the wrong company or person. Not all products and services are applicable for all so it’s vital to know who your target is. It’s also important to learn how you can maximize marketing strategies experimenting on how we can reach put the consuming public more effectively. 

For this Text Marketing is way ahead as it’s the best way to reach your customers any time and wherever they are. It’s also more affordable because there are packages and promos wherein you can have unlimited usage on just small amount. When it comes to assurance of fast delivery of messages text messaging is a sure quick and easy to connect and communicate with whom you want to. 

You can also use  Mass Texting which is the most affordable way to market your products and services to your customers with just the use of same text messages sent to unlimited number of people you want. It’s an inexpensive text message marketing services that’s easy to use. You just have to upload contacts, type your message and send. Easy does it?


Video Formula in Marketing

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When I was working in a minor telecommunications company we think of every possible way of advertising our products and services in the best way we can. Our business is just new and our company needs to be introduced to our prospective clients and consumers. Even if I handle human resource, accounting and carrier settlement I also help in the marketing department in thinking new ideas on how to get a good advertising to sell our products. My tasks with my company were all new to me having been assigned to duties beyond my educational degree so I tried to learn everything I need to adopt the new responsibilities given to me. 

I noticed then that in marketing they tend to use similar sales letter in writing up companies when they offer demo presentation and services. As time goes by sales letter became more like a format letter which seems redundant at times. I know that with regards to modern times and technology innovation the sales letter should also continue to evolve and not just be patterned from old formats. It’s your best way to convince clients to try the products so the letter should be convincing and ambitious, more so if your product is the best of the crop. 

Well anyway those traditional sales letter were not all replied just like what happened to my sales letter to clients in my present job. It means that it’s not working now and we better think of ways on how to fit it to modern times. You can try doing the sales letter through video presentation just like what Ryan Deiss showed through his training using video as your sales message to customer will impart what you need to say better than just old school sales letter. 

The 5-part training is full of techniques and strategies you can do to boost your sales and conversions. You could also try other good training as well like Perry Belcher training videos which can teach you a lot in making convincing sales campaign in videos. It will surely be a hit.


Maximizing Your Extra Space for Small Office

>> Monday, October 29, 2012

This looks like an old dresser/cabinet turned into an office.  Great idea isn't it? Here you can see how they maximize the small space around more than a meter wide I think.  I love how they make use of the space in the upper area where they put boxes and sorted various kinds of papers in the succeeding space.

Notice that the mirror is still there and it somehow made the space bigger than the real size.  I can say that the one who designed this small office space is very creative.  This functional and stylish space-saving office is an ideal home office for me and I might make something like this.  I just love this.


Better Career Opportunities for Trucking Drivers

My friend’s husband works in a trucking company and because of that they don’t have to worry about when they want to move places because it’s easy to transport their appliances and furniture. Anyway now that they have their own house already moving is out of their minds already. They’re now contented with the house they’re living and so with the environment they have with. Since they’ve moved houses several times in the past she’s an expert in packing and unpacking their goods and important documents and teaches us how to do it easily when we want to move places also. 

Well if you’re moving to other places and finding it hard to think how to start the packing and sorting of goods you could find a moving company that offers solutions on how to manage it wisely. Moving is not that bad if you have trucking help like  Tucson Trucking Company which provide over the road transport solutions to your goods. They’re not only a good transport/trucking company but a good source of employment for OTR drivers as well. 

They provide rewarding job and career opportunities to trucking company drivers. As their company grows into branches so are available opportunities getting higher. Successful driver applicants will be a recipient of many benefits dedicated for trucking drivers. Usual benefits includes operating modern equipment; regular weekly day off; career options of solo, team, O/O and mentor positions; 24/7 support for drivers, more miles and ample freight; health and dental insurance, vacation pay, rider policy and weekly payout. 

They took an extra mile of allowing tuition reimbursement for qualified CDL graduates. With the benefits mentioned good career will await chosen drivers. Their open door policy for drivers to all levels of management is their way of life and it’s their objective to help drivers be successful in their field.


Payday Loans Assistance

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In our small pioneering company we started a cooperative where members would save an amount per payday in which the total will be given at the end of the year. It’s like savings in the bank where our saved money would increment also because we have opened the money for lending to members with a minimal interest fee computed monthly. The income will also be divided by members so it’s a good encouragement to be a member. You’ll be able to save and at the same time you can borrow money whenever there’s an urgent need. 

We never know when we will need emergency cash especially if it occurs between salary pay periods. So most people turn to lending companies and apply for payday loans to borrow the money they need for immediate necessities like house repair, car repair, natural disasters and some other cash requirements. Some other kinds of loans takes up longer time to apply and process so  payday loans is the best solution for their needs. 

Applying for other loans requires personal appearance and will require several documents so if your need is so urgent payday loans will be best for you. The only requirement is employment records and payroll then you can immediately apply online and have the money deposited directly to your account in 15 minutes. Just remember that payment would be in two weeks’ time and it incurs higher interest.


Swing Meeting Chairs

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Imagine sitting into one of those swing chairs while discussing company plans and activities to your colleagues and boss, what a thought!
Corporate meetings and conference are sometimes stressful due to topics of operation, situation of the company and a lot of things pertaining to the company.  Well it would be so much comfortable if your meetings would be in a more relaxed environment like what my former boss used to do.  Sir Bob would bring us to a good restaurant and held the meeting there while we talk about his plans for the company and what we should do to strengthen our team.

I still remember how he used to include me in his meeting with Telco managers to his own steak restaurant in Libis and Greenhills.  I could never really find a boss as kind as him but I'm also happy that I'm now working in the convenience of my home.  My current job as Admin. Head would just be a temporary one as I'm going to return to a full-time writing job.


Promo Codes for Your Shopping

Having two work both offline and online makes me value my time more than ever because when you have more than one job you will never have the luxury of time. I love both my jobs but sometimes I wish that I will only have to choose between the two. Of course I prefer going back to being a work-at-home Mom but it’s not yet time to give up my corporate work. Anyway I’m used to this kind of work life as I’ve done this starting 2007 when I have a job at the telecommunications company and just starting to blog. 

Well blogging adds spice to my life and since the day that I’ve made my first post I never regret entering its world. It has also taught me a lot of things like learning wide variety of topics for my article writing, deal with advertisers and a lot more things that helps me do my job efficiently. Now it also taught me how to do some of my shopping online with the help of coupons like  Go Promo Codes which offers coupon discounts to their clients. 

They provide a way to earn savings through these codes when you shop online and they offer the best coupons and promo codes for the products you love buying. I also love buying products at discounted prices that’s why I’m fond of getting deals from my list of group buying sites. Most of the deals that I bought are those in dining categories which includes cakes, pastries, pizza and a lot more. I also bought massager for my Mom which I got for half the price only and it’s also delivered to my house. With the help of promo codes I’m sure I’ll be able to buy the things that I love without the guilt feeling that it costs me a lot.


Always Give 100% in Your Work

>> Monday, October 22, 2012

I believe that whatever you do you must exert all effort to give your best especially when you're at work. Giving your 100% dedication and loyalty to your work will earn trust and respect from your employer just as I've experienced in my previous 16-year employment with Design Science and BT&T.  I've given my best, learned everything beyond my field, accepted all responsibilities and loved my work before I finally decided to work at home to take care of my Mom and my kids.  

I returned to corporate work after almost 2 years of working online to join an office friend in starting up a new company but I still missed being at home working online.  I guess once you decided to retire your mind set is permanent to that thought that even if you worked again you'll always miss your retirement. I'm still trying to give my best in my current job and will do it until I decided again to leave.... for good.


Legal Services for Business Dispute

>> Saturday, October 20, 2012

When you have business of your own you should know how to manage your employees as well as your partners and associates. It is with proper supervision and good management that will make your staff dedicated and loyal to employer. I’ve worked with one employer only for 16 years because he’s been good to me since I started on his company. He’s very good in dealing with his employees and takes extra effort to make them feel important. 

Not all employers are like him nor the staff is honest in their work which is the reason why some companies have disputes and issues on management and labor. Well when you’re in a situation like this you need Business Lawyer San Antonio, TX  to help you work out legal issues on work as they’re experts on legal ability and ethical standards. Their good track record of dealing expertly with the disputes makes them the best lawyers in S.A. 

So if you’re in San Antonio or nearby areas and need legal counsel for a business deal or dispute you can ask for legal assistance from Business Lawyer San Antonio, TX  and be assured that they will be able to handle your legal requirements. They also provide legal services for civil or criminal litigation and family or probate law matter. Their professional expertise and experience in court room proved to give them the winning edge.


Debt Relief Assistance

Some people get into bad financial situation that they can’t handle anymore. Suddenly their incomes are not enough to pay their debts and other monthly obligations. If you have suddenly lost control of your credits on loans, credit cards, mortgage and other debts you should seek the help and advice of the experts like Bankruptcy Attorney Dearborn MI who will help you against creditor harassment, credit card debt, lawsuits and other things that results from having bad credits. 

Through their help you will be able to file for bankruptcy to free from the stress of having too many debt and to stop foreclosures, credit card debt, vehicle repossessions and harassment from creditor. Bankruptcy Attorney Dearborn MI  will assist you in any way they can to defend you in all forms of harassment and guide you into debt relief  that will give you a fresh start. 


The Only Way to Great Work

>> Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loving your work is a great way in making your career a success. Some people just want to find and have a job even if the job doesn’t fit them which results to discontentment and lack of efficiency. But there are others who due to some good circumstances learned to love their job because they found that they’re more inclined to it than what they’ve studied in school. 

When I entered a consultancy firm I was offered a job that’s different from my finished degree course in college but it found a way into my heart because I learned to love it. There are several factors why I love my job which includes my office mates and my bosses. I was given preferential attention and respect for my contribution to the company. 

My boss trusted me so much and taught me various things. He let me handle big responsibilities and gave me financial stability as well. I left the company for a work-at-home writing job because my family needed me to be home always but I will always remember the best boss that I ever had the kind-hearted Sir Bob.


Effectiveness of Email Marketing in Business

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In these present times marketing has taken a big leap from ordinary advertising to using email as its tool to reach the consuming public. As of this date email marketing has been consistent in showing that it’s the most beneficial marketing technology available to business owners to attain customer’s attention through sales campaigns. We can see that through email we can maximize promotion, advertising and communication for further good relationship with our target clients. 

We should also notice that a lot of consumers now who receive products’ promo and email marketing spend more on their shopping because of good products campaigns and good exposure online. Now with the help of  iContact Email Marketing you can step further into intensifying your customer relationships and increasing your brand awareness through email. They provide easy-to-use tools that will help you in sending messages, tracking opens and clicks, designing emails and building lists. 

Making iContact your one stop shop solutions for email and social media marketing can save you not just time but a lot of effort as well in helping your business succeed. Look at the infographic below to learn the effectiveness of email marketing in generating brand awareness and sales, nurturing new prospects, and a lot more. 

iContact Email Marketing


Defend You Every Step of the Way

>> Saturday, October 13, 2012

Freedom is one of the things that one should enjoy in life and if you’re deprived of it you feel like a bird enclosed in a cage. You can’t fly high and your wings are useless. It’s the same with humans because if you’re not free to do anything and to speak what you want you will not enjoy living. So if your freedom is at risk you should do anything to ensure that you’ll be free no matter what happened. 

There are legal cases I heard when the accused are only victims of wrong accusation but if their opponents are influential or very rich there are chances that they will be imprisoned. This should not happen if you consult with Best Lawyer Pittsburgh because their professional expertise and experience will help you on criminal defence. They will help you in every phase of the case in every step of the way. They handle all types of cases such as misdemeanour, felony cases, DUI and retail theft defence to assault and homicide.  

Best Lawyer Pittsburgh  offers free consultation to would be clients and assures confidentiality of personal and important information. So if you love your freedom and don’t want to be sentenced for wrong allegations get high-quality criminal defence assistance at Farrell & Associates.


Your Future and Career

We should take life as something that we direct the flow.  God is always there to guide, protect and lead us to where we want to go but it's us who direct our career and success through our ways and means.  It's like treading the snow where every footsteps is marked and seen like a map.  When we lost our way or treaded a wrong path it may direct us to a different road. But you need not worry if you have God in your life because even if He allow us to make mistakes He'll guide us in the end to correct them.  


How to Save Money on Your Next Trip

It is nice to travel some time but the cost of it can bring a massive headache. While it may be tempting to just charge everything on your credit card, the bills will come in sooner or later and that you can wind up paying for it for a few months. Going out of the country is deemed to be expensive because of airline tickets, accommodations, your pocket money for incidental expenses and shopping and the fees for tourist sites and other activities.

When you think about how much money you’ll need to spend just for a few days of fun, you might end up cancelling a planned trip. But looking at a different perspective, there’s another way to enjoy a dream vacation without having to spend a lot of money. The idea of budget traveling has been around for years but it recently gained popularity especially to young professionals and college students who are looking into new experiences.

Do you want to know how you can save money on your next trip?

Start off with your airfare tickets. Avoid going on a trip during peak season because prices for just about anything from airfare to accommodations can go up. Book for a trip during the low months and expect that airfare tickets will be cheaper. If traveling around Southeast Asia, you can save a great deal of money by booking with a budget airline. Most of these airline companies offer affordable flights but with less perks; the important thing is that it can get you to your destination at half the price.

When looking for a hotel to stay, compare rates from different websites. The best way to find a great deal is to do your own research and browse several reservation sites. Some also offer the Best Price Guarantee which means they are willing to give you a refund in case another site offers a lower rate. If you’re not picky when it comes to accommodations you can also opt for the affordable alternatives such as backpackers’ inn or hostels. It may not have the amenities usually provided by hotels but you’ll have a bed to lay on at night after a tiring day.

Another way to save on money is to plan your own itinerary. Know the best places to visit and locate the ones with minimal or no entrance fee. Some tourist attractions such as parks may not be popular for the usual travelers but this is often free and the best place to have a close interaction with the locals. The idea when it comes to traveling should not be about the cost but the experience that each travel destination brings.

About the Author:
Mia is currently writing to promote sabah tourism and she aims to provide readers with relevant travel information and tips.


Maximizing your Car's Capacity

>> Friday, October 12, 2012

We love going to far places for our camp meeting fellowship every December and holy week season. On our travel we bring everything that we need for 3-4 days stay especially if the place is located on remote areas or if far from market or stores. On these occasions the owners of our transport see to it that all baggage is properly arranged to maximize space and they do this first on the top of their cars with the help of racks. If not for those we would not be able to transport all the baggage that we need.

For those who loves to travel and want to maximize the capacity of their cars in transporting several baggage it’s a necessity to have roof racks like yakima racks to help organize the carrying of all the baggage . It will help you manage all your things needed for your travel trip and when your car has factory installed side rail it’s easier to mount these racks.


Working Past Midnight

>> Thursday, October 11, 2012

Source: via Race on Pinterest

In the past I always prefer to stay working until past midnight that when I wake up at dawn it felt like I didn't sleep at all.  I work well at night because I'm more relaxed, no more chores, kids are at rest and sleeping and I can think and write without intermission.  Due to this it became a habit for me to do everything at night for a stress-free working time.  But this is not always favorable to me especially to my health because I've read that healthy hormones are developed from 10pm to 2am, the time that I love working.

It took a very interesting health article before I realized that I'm not doing justice for my body and health. So now if I really want to finish some online tasks I can sleep until a little past 3am and I write after waking up.  I cook at past 4am so at least I have an hour and a half to do some tasks better than sleeping until or beyond 3am because I may  be inviting health risk.  Oh well at least I can still work before 10pm while watching TV.


Good Relaxation After Work

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After a long day’s work it’s nice to relax at home and bond with the family. Work can give us so much stress sometimes either in your office tasks, bosses, office mates or your travel. The latter is my source of stress as it’s so hard to get a ride home in my place of work. I always choose FX taxi for my ride home but before I can ride I need to fall in long line. Imagine paying high fare and still need to fall in line. It’s really better to work at home but for now I don’t have a choice but continue working. I just pray and hope that next year would be a better year for online works so I can stay and work at home again. 

Anyway after a long week’s stress in work I find myself looking forward to home outdoor activities like relaxing your feet in veranda while chatting carelessly with your family or better still if you have saber infrared grills to go with your family bonding. I always associate outdoor grills with family picnic bonding because it’s really fun and enjoyable doing it with your loved ones. Last weekend we had some fun eating some of the grilled barbeque and fish on my brother’s birthday. They just cooked and grilled it on their newly built backdoor terrace.


Recycled Work Crafts - Tin Can Lanterns

>> Sunday, October 7, 2012

I would never have thought that those old and useless tins can look like this.  These colorful and oh so lovely tin can lanterns can be nice garden decors, lanterns or gifts to your friends without so much cost.  My kids love crafts and this can be a good pattern for them when they have free time. Their school put some time to enhance their skills in art and at times they were asked to suggest their own creative idea on what could be a good craft work.  

These tin lanterns are such good samples of helping the environment too as instead of just throwing old tin cans they can be recycled into nice looking unique lanterns. These are environment friendly and beautiful to look at lining up in your outdoor area or even indoors if your creativity would even give out some more unique ideas.  Love these colorful creations from tin cans.


Office Organizer Solutions

>> Friday, October 5, 2012

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Office work involves several paperworks, answering phones, sending/receiving emails, administrative tasks, doing technical proposals and a lot more. With a lot of paper works and communications daily it's vital to organize things as they come on a regular basis if you want to work easy and fast.

This wall hang organizer will help you organize your paper and small items in such a way that you'll also be able to locate it immediately upon your needs.  So aside from my table organizer I should get one like this for ease of work and fast searching.


Tips for Becoming a CEO

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Becoming a Chief Executive Officer (or CEO) is not an easy feat. On the road to becoming a CEO, and once you achieve this prestigious position, you will be challenged with great tasks and difficult decisions. What sets a great CEO apart from just a good one it their commitment and passion to their career. A CEO will have the knowledge of the workings of every sector within their company, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible. If it is your ambition and your passion to become a CEO, be sure to check out these tips for advancing your career today.

Be Passionate

Passion is what drives us to do the things we love in life and what pushes us that one step further than we ever thought possible. Every CEO shows passion in their career; passion for the product they are selling, passion for their company or passion simply because they love what they do. If you want to be a CEO, and be good at it, make sure you take on a challenge that you feel passionate about.

Understand Finance & Accounting

If you have the ambition to one day become the CEO of a global organisation, you must first develop a deeper understanding into every aspect of the business sector. Most professionals in senior level management positions are likely to tell you that along with unbeatable management skills, you must also hold an in-depth knowledge on finance and accounting departments. Like the saying goes, ‘money makes the world go round’ and, in business, it is vital that the key decision maker of the company is highly aware of the impact that finances will have on the decision making process. In the business sector, a Master’s of Business Administration degree is highly regarded as the epitome of business education. MBA courses provide students with a wealth of knowledge, focusing on each business department with a more scientific approach. Studying an MBA degree is likely to increase your chances of becoming a CEO, by strengthening your knowledge of the inner workings of your organisation.

Be Ready to Take Risks

As with any great life changes, if you want to make it big in business you must be willing to take risks. Many CEOs have been quoted as saying that they’ve spent endless nights without sleep, anticipating a product launch or waiting for a decision from the board of directors. Countless men and women in powerful positions owe their success to risk taking. While sometimes calculated risks do pay off, you must be willing and open to accept the fact that they also may not. If you’re ambitious and looking to take the path to become the youngest CEO in history, be sure to take proactive measures today. Showing initiative and improving your skill set will go a long way in the race to become a Chief Executive Officer.


Legal Service on Immigration and Citizenship Issues

>> Monday, October 1, 2012

Citizenship to a certain country is achieved through being born in the country, through marriage to a citizen of that country, through petition from a family member who became a citizen and through immigration approval. Most of my classmates became a US citizen through petition from a family and from working in the country for long period of time which gave them the opportunity to apply for citizenship. 

Well I’m not that expert when it comes to immigration or citizenship so if you have some interest you can always ask for legal help from Citizenship Lawyer Cleveland OH to deal with your specific immigration needs. They’ve rendered counsel and advice to various immigrants on several issues on citizenship, permanent residency, deportation, family visas and a lot more.  

Citizenship Lawyer Cleveland OH legal expertise extends to serving employers of various industries with immigration matters and helped them resolve issues on immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas, work visas and some others.


Upgrading Musical Instruments

We’re raising funds for our church musical instruments and it includes acoustic guitars, clapper for the drum set or if we can afford it we could save for a complete set and some accessories. In line with this we also should upgrade our amplifiers as we need something like that of wonderful amps for greater performance and high-current power supply. In the past we have limited capacity so when we upgrade musical instruments we encounter problem with amplifiers. 

It is of vital importance to us to upgrade our instruments that we us for the music ministry as it is used for our worship and praising activities. Aside from the upgrade we’re also encouraging our youth to learn how to play musical instruments as they’re the future instrumentalists. For now my kids are into informal piano lessons and I hope that in the years to come we’ll develop future pianists.


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