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>> Saturday, April 28, 2012

I heard some of my online friends retired from work already and there are others who expressed interest of retiring soon also. With the current crisis going on I’m blessed to have two jobs. I was able to maintain both office work and my paid writing job despite busy schedule and I’m so thankful for it. I just need two more years before DH will have his education degree so maybe I’ll be able to go back to working at home. Earning salaries from two jobs is really a big help to my finances but I also miss being at home with my kids especially when they go home and I’m there to welcome them with their favorite food and help them with school assignments. Those are the simple things that I missed so much and what I want to do with my life. I’ve retired from a 16-year old job last July 2009 and returned to corporate world last year so it’s too early to retire again. 

Maybe I’ll give myself until DH starts his teaching career and I’ll be working comfortably again in my home office.  Anyway when I resigned three years ago my former boss gave me a despedida lunch which touched my heart so much especially when he said that I’m his favorite employee. They didn’t want me to go but I needed to in those times so they approved my resignation in a year’s notice. Some of my friends gave me remembrance items and they all wished me good luck in my future endeavours. I would love to receive chocolate retirement gifts then but they gave me memoirs instead lol!. Well now I can buy those delicious gifts for me and for my friends easily because they’re available online. I love those fancy berry spectacular and classic truffle assortments. 


Thankful for Work Blessings

Time flies so fast and I’m happy to note that it’s been one year since I joined my friend in her new company. It’s just a part time job in the beginning which turned to a full time job after one month. I still can’t believe that one year has passed since that day I joined Optimus Technologies which gave me a fixed and additional income to my paid writing job. My online earnings dropped off to almost 50% less last year and the office job offered to me is indeed a blessing from God to help me cope up with our family’s expenses.

The blessing was just in time for my need then and I know God planned it all for me. With all these work blessings I received I’m hoping that in the coming years to come I’ll be able to come back to what I love most and that’s being a work-at-home Mom. I know that when DH will graduate from his education course and start practicing his teaching career there will no one to take care of the kids and I should be at home to attend them. My Mom also needs someone in the house with her so I will be a willing companion for her. I love it.


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