Bayantel's Mini Trade Fair

>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

We had our booth at the Bayantel Mini Trade Fair last May 24 and 25 where we featured our PABX products such as MXB and Connecto from ITS Telecom. MXB is a mobile broadband access which is just a smaller version of Connecto, the two offers data, voice and PBX services over a cellular network technology. 

We also displayed our network storage My Ditto from Dane Elec which captured the attention of those looking for safe storage that can be accessed easily. My Ditto has the capabilities of handling your files and images up to 2 TB anytime anywhere with just the use of USB access. This is perfect for businesses with multiple locations.

The fair went smooth for two days giving us enough opportunities to promote and introduce these innovative products to Bayan officers and staff for future solutions to clients needs. Our technical engineers were most busy on coffee and lunch breaks when all employees of the said Telco firm have their time to round off several booths and inquire on products and services when they’re interested. Our marketing department was able to talk to their business product specialists who told us that they will see how they can offer our products to prospective clients.


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