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>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I like about the place of my work is the good ambiance of the building. Just before you enter the building you’ll see the beautiful huge fountain fronting the area where the east and west tower divides. It’s more enjoyable to see at night because the changing of colors is very enchanting. It’s not allowed to take pictures of the fountain and the guards are very watchful that’s why I never had a chance to get a beautiful capture of it except for the shots I have in my mobile phone cam when I was just new there when I didn’t know that it’s not permissible to take pictures. 

That’s the entrance only and when you enter the lounge area you’ll see the beautiful expanse patterns of flooring. The building is not new but it’s well kept and maintained so the beauty still remains after 10 years. I believe that the flooring of a certain place or building depends not only on the structure but on the interior design as well. This includes the elegant decor and paintings, the ceiling and the lights they put on it, the interior wall which creates a good impression and the elegant flooring which accentuates the beauty of the place. 

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God's Bigger Plans for Me

For few months now I've been thinking of my plans in life especially regarding my work.  Since our company didn't passed the accreditation on one company that we planned to deal with several projects we're now setting our goals on other successful accreditations we have.  It's not that easy changing your plans but we have no choice but to think of more fruitful ways than being depressed on that one.  

I know we'll be able to make it but we really need time so it's actually a matter of decision from the upper management.  We still have regular jobs but I'm really thinking if my current job is really for me as sometimes I can't feel that I'm going to stay longer.  I'm also finding myself a little bit uncomfortable like I'm crossing  a very tricky bridge when decisions are needed.  I always have to ask and most of the times I need the opinion of others. 

It's ok for me but I feel like I'm not the old person before who can decide on anything and be appreciated on all my works.   Maybe I'm missing my former boss or his kind words to me or I'm getting older that I'm being so sensitive.  But I really feel it and it's not doing me good, not for my confidence and definitely not for making good decisions for my life now.

I'm giving myself in His hands now to give me guidance on making my plans and decisions as I'm not confident in deciding when I'm emotional.  I know he has bigger plans for me than what I'm thinking for myself so I'll wait for the signs and providence.


DUI Lawyer to Help with Defense

Exercising fair justice and rights should be adhered at all times. People should know how and when to do it. I’ve known some cases of motor accidents where drivers are drunk and didn’t know how the accidents happened. Well if you’re really under the influence of alcohol you’re not really much aware of your environment and not in a good mind condition. Also you should not drink while you’re driving as it will pose some other dangers like car accidents and death of innocent victims. 

Well there should be right reproof or punishment with people doing this as they should pay for their misconduct but still they need someone like DUI Lawyer San Francisco  who can defend them to reason out why they committed such crime. There are also cases that witnesses are influenced by other people that case ballooned into something heavier. 

As they say suspect is still a suspect until proven guilty and if you’re one of those who have such related cases you can fight for your right to defend. DUI Lawyer San Francisco should be able to give legal advice and help on how you can be given fair justice if you’re not guilty or minor punishment if you are guilty but promise to be responsible citizen the next time. We always learn a lesson from our mishaps, mistakes and other wrongdoings in life.


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