Getting the Most Value Out of Your Ecard

>> Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Communication between a business and its customers is the most vital connection for any organization. With a healthy relationship a customer will always come back to the same business even when the service is worse as they feel an emotional attachment to it. This means that every communication must be spot on to keep this connection fresh and stop it becoming strained over the course of time. Corporate ecards have risen to become the most popular way of sending greetings during the year. But they can do more than just save money and time if you taking the time to make the most of your ecard by:

Personalizing it to certain customers

When you buy corporate e-cards at there is the opportunity to personalize and design them, so they not only suit your brand, but also market more effectively to your clients. It would be waste just to send out the same ecard to thousands of contacts without taking the time to personalise it to make the marketing message more intriguing and likely to bring in more business or improve loyalty.

Promoting a new service

There is no hiding that any corporate greeting is a means to end; namely to increase a client’s spend or loyalty. The rise of the digital age and ecards has made it much easier to subtly promote a new service within a Christmas greeting through adding links to the email. This is a hassle-free way of attracting customers to check out your latest offers and services in order to push them into possibly spending more without bombarding them with calls, letters and emails.

Boosting your social media network

Lots of businesses are putting a lot of stock into their social media networking just as they did networking events in years gone by. If you are looking to build your social media profile then just like promoting a service you can instead include widgets that send them straight to your social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook; allowing them to join your conversations on a certain topic, increase your presence and level of engagement.

Highlighting your green credentials

As well as saving plenty of money and the logistical nightmare of mailing out greeting cars, corporate ecards are also vastly easier on the environment. There is no large carbon footprint or huge paper usage, which cuts down the impact on the environment around the globe. Showcasing your commitment to cutting your carbon emissions and environmental effect within the ecard can also help win new fans and cement other relationships of businesses in the same boat.


Surprise Proposals

>> Friday, December 27, 2013

I feel so lazy at work these days after our vacation in Baguio and I’m not surprised to see all office mates have the same attitude. Well it’s expected as we have only two days and it’s a long weekend again. The management told us that we can go home early which is actually their old habit in the past letting the employees have an earlier break for the holidays. Anyways since I’m early for home I got some few more time to be online I got to see some videos as recommended by DH and I’m so amazed with the recent proposal videos he asked me to watch. 

It’s becoming a trend now to think of unique ways to propose for marriage to your special someone. Some do it with the crowd, others in the mall, airport, special places, restaurants and some other areas that became special for the couple in their years of being together. I find some very emotional that made me cry but others are just regular proposal for me except that most are surprises which made them somewhat special. Well with all these proposals I know they find some engagement rings here or wherever they find beautiful and quality made rings. I’m sure makers of engagement rings are happy to see the latest trend in marriage proposal which would also make their business flourish more.


Learning Through Modern Innovations in Education

Today’s education has a lot to offer to students with desire to learn more than the basic teaching. Modern innovations in technology have reached various walks in life and education is not left behind when we talk of this advanced technology. Since my husband will also be involved in the teaching force when he graduates next year he’s well aware that he needs to learn all current updates on his major subjects. 

As he’s majoring in TLE which introduces a different curriculum in secondary schooling he should know everything about electronics, automotive, carpentry, livelihood, refrigeration, cooking, baking and a lot more. Of course music is also one of them and he’s been looking at cool recorder classroom at Musicians Friend which can help him enhance his learning experience in music for teaching his students. Everything that can guide and help in his advancement should be taken in consideration as it will enhance his teaching skills in the process.


Learning How To Treat Customers

>> Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do your employees know how to properly treat your customers? While customer service is a broad topic and is present in a wide variety of industries, learning how to treat customers is important. If you think your employees need a refresher course on how to properly handle all types of customer service situations, it may be time to consider a customer service course.

There are a number of customer service courses available to businesses that deal with customers on a daily basis. These courses are designed for salespeople and customer services representatives that do a variety of things, including selling products to customers, handling requests and also assisting with issues that can arise. A course will help your customer services representatives with the customer satisfaction scores, the ability to find solutions and improving the overall morale within the office. Dealing with upset customers can be hard, so all of these factors can help with reducing turnover within the customer service department and also reduce overall costs for your business.

Training courses for your company can be offered through seminars, online training or in some cases, you can find courses that are brought onsite to your business so that your employees can receive training during the working day. With better trained employees, you will quickly see more satisfied customers and higher sales.


Convenient Security Locks in Offices

>> Monday, December 16, 2013

In most corporate offices now the use of electronic door lock is widely used because it offers security for the employees inside and at the same time you can see whose coming in with glass door. In my previous work we’re only few in the office and if our technical engineers are on installation and maintenance it’s only four of us who remains in the office most of the times. With the large space in our office it’s hard for us to go at the door and peek through to see who wants to come in. 

When we have the electronic door lock installed we can see the visitors from afar through glass doors and at the same time we can have the door opened as quickly as we want. We have buttons hidden behind the table to open the door and some control keys that you can use anywhere in the office. That way we’re secured and safe inside our working area. 

We’re also not disturbed if someone needs to get in or out of the office with just a single quick click. This is just the same as the petsafe dog doors which helps in getting up and down when your dog want to play outside your home. He can get in and get out as much as he wants without disturbing anyone.


Talents and Interests in Music

>> Thursday, December 5, 2013

As the kids are growing up they’re beginning to show inclinations on various interests like arts, sciences and music. Arts and music runs in our blood and I could see them not only on my brother’s kids but on my own as well. My Mom always tell me how good in singing my grandfather was when he’s younger. He also plays Alfa and was really good at it that every one identifies him with his musical instrument. He has interest in other instruments like guitar and flute but he’s the best in Alfa. 

With his fondness in musical instruments I wonder if he could resist Agazarian cymbals when he see it in his generation. Now my grandfather’s penchant for music and various instruments will only be continued with his grandkids whose likings for the same things was passed unconsciously. Well many people has told me that it could be genes and I’m happy that God has blessed the kids with a good one.


My Career and My Dream Job

>> Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Each child has a dream of  his own and even though it may not always come true some better things happen that will somehow realize it. I have always love writing that I’ve dreamed to take up journalism and work as a writer but I took up computer engineering to secure a good employment after college and be able to help my parents as well. The demand was so great then that true to my word it’s a breeze to land a job with my college degree. I have no regrets in choosing a different path from my dreams because it also realized my dream of helping my family and being stable in all the jobs that I got. 

But God has a way of making our dreams come true in His own special way and time. I was taught by my best friend to do my writing through online journal and that’s the beginning of my blogging which realized my dream of sharing my thoughts, ideas and anything that is worth writing about. It was great discovering that finally I can do my writing and share it as well globally. It was a bonus that I can earn from it. I count it as one of the blessings of God in my life. 

With my new purpose in life and a dream come true I have also augmented our family’s income. I was so blessed not just with a loving family but the opportunity of earning income at home. From then on I became contented with my career never minding if I didn’t reached the level that some of my colleagues have reached because in my heart and mind I’ve been given the best by God, a good job offline using my college degree and online job using God’s given talent to me. God is good all the time.


Maximizing Recreational Time and Honing Talents

>> Monday, December 2, 2013

I’m always busy with the demands of my work being an administrative officer in one of the projects of the company. We all know that this kind of job entails one to know almost everything when it comes to office operation and sometimes involve HR tasks, management and various administration works. Anyway even in my busy days I always have time for my kids’ need in school and some other family things that I get to witness how they maximize their recreation time by practicing their musical pieces. 

Well some of their school mates are also into playing musical instruments because their school encourages honing talents and skills. They’re even active in stage music presentations that they know using cool par36 lenses would be a great addition to achieve the right stage lighting and effects. Really students now are more active in arts, music and other extracurricular activities than in our time. Maybe technology contributes a lot as well.


Accomplishing Work By Trying Out First

>> Saturday, November 23, 2013

Source: via Race on Pinterest

There are many people who succeed in life more than anyone has accomplished and you want to know their secrets? I know a man who was my employer for many years who succeeded in more than one business because he has the ability to try whatever he thinks would be best for his planned business. I’ve observed that very special character of him that made him very successful in whatever goal he had in mind. He always tries until he sees good future ahead of his new business. 

He actually imparted his trait to me never accepting no when he gives me a job outside my field of expertise and knowledge. He’s the one who trained and taught me that everything can be learned. He made an Accounting Supervisor, a Human Resource and Billing officer even when I had no knowledge of those departments. He taught me everything that a college degree would not fill me.

I’m so grateful that he never gave up on me until I learned everything.  He never takes no for an answer when he want me to try on a new task and job. All my accomplishment in life began with my decision to try what he wants me to learn and work on.


Taking Care of Your Talents

>> Friday, November 8, 2013

When your job involves using your voice you have to take care of it and should refrain from abusing it by drinking too much cold drinks and sleeping too late. There are more ways that you can protect your voice like what the famous singer has been saying how she manage to maintain the clarity and beautiful tone of her voice. It really depends on your maintenance and self-discipline then everything will follow through. 

When you’re a recording artist few factors may seem helpful too like the quality of the musical instruments in your recording studio like having a good izotope to give you vocal production effects. It would be great to have a wonderful voice and to use it to achieve your dream. I would also love to have such great voice too but I’m thankful enough for God’s given voice to me which I’m using to sing my praises to Him.


Divorce Attorney Advice: What to Talk about Before Marriage

>> Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keeping your marriage going well is work. Young, starry-eyed couples often feel that the bliss that accompanies the falling-in-love stage will last forever, only to be surprised later on. No, that blissful feeling won’t last forever, and that’s a good thing because it’s very difficult to maintain a career, keep up with adult responsibilities, and even stay in touch with other friends during that first, joyous flush of meeting the person you feel you are destined to be with forever. 

Work on your relationship is necessary when everyday life and responsibilities threaten to pull you apart, which is all the time. But before you tie the knot, it’s incredibly important to be on the same page with your intended on some of the aspects that are most likely to tear a once loving couple apart. If you are engaged or thinking of becoming so, any divorce attorney in Salt Lake City will encourage you to discuss these issues with your loved one in depth. 


You’ve heard it before and it’s absolutely true: money can drive a huge wedge between partners—enough so that money issues are one of the top reasons couples end up getting a divorce. Money is an absolute in your life, so ignoring the topic and hoping love will conquer all is an attitude that is both naïve and dangerous. Ask each other your opinions on money. How much is enough? Are you a saver or a spender? How do you feel about debt? How do you feel about credit? If one of you likes to save and the other likes to spend, will you be tempted to lie to each other about money? How angry does it make you when someone doesn’t use money the way you believe it should be used? 


Having children is a big responsibility and will change your life forever. It can also be a deal- breaker for men and women. If one of you is anxious to start a family but the other one cannot conceive the possibility of bringing children into the world for whatever reason, you will need to know this before it becomes a point of resentment and contention. If you do agree on having kids, talk about when and how many. How big are the families in which you grew up? How much money do you feel you need to save/earn/spend in order to provide the kind of life you think they deserve? How will you divide the parenting tasks? 


Another important discussion should center on your faith or any strongly-held religious belief systems you may have. When two people share a common core of basic faith, spiritual, or religious beliefs, marriages tend to last longer because each partner can lend greater support and understanding to the other. While mixed religious marriages can and do work, it can be far more difficult to pull off when each person strongly subscribes to a particular religion or belief and is unwilling to accommodate or support the other partner’s beliefs. When children come into the mix, this issue becomes even more fractious as couples bicker about which belief system in which to raise the children.Dealing with the big issues before you get married will help you avoid having to call a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City


The Four Foundations You Must Lay to Have a Successful Franchise

>> Monday, October 28, 2013

Owning a franchise business is one of the most promising and rewarding opportunities in Australia. It can be a great way to get your independent business thriving, and to make some good money. It is, however, a large commitment, and there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Here are the four foundations you must lay to ensure the success of your franchise.

Marketing and Promotion:

Make sure that all of your marketing and promotion is organised well and truly before your business hits off. Speak to your franchisor and see if they provide any publicity packages. It may be that they do this anyway, or it might be part of an added package. If not, think about ways that you can do this yourself. It’s vital that your business receives enough publicity to start making an income as soon as possible. The sooner you have your marketing organised, the more successful your franchise will be.

Set Goals:

Before you even start thinking about opening your business, it’s essential that you set goals. These can be both long term and short term. Think about where you want your business to be in a year, as well as where you hope it will be in a month. By doing this you ensure that you can implement steps to reach these goals efficiently. Set deadlines, for example if you owned a Coral Homes franchise you would need to make building deadlines to get the job done in time and on budget. Talk to your employees or potential staff about these goals, so that everybody is aware of the direction they should be heading in to make the most out of your business.

Ongoing Support:

For a first time business owner – as well as experienced ones – it can be extremely helpful to have ongoing support from your franchisor. The wonderful thing about owning a franchise is that you can be independent, but also have a safety net. Speak to your franchisor well in advance so that you are clear about the support services that will be provided to you.


Franchises won’t make you stacks of money straight away – so it’s important that you have your finances organised before you even thinking about buying the business. You need to have enough money to keep you going, no matter how much of an income you make, for at least twelve months. By assuring yourself that you have this money, you are safe until your franchise hits off and you begin making a profit.
These foundations need to be in place prior to the commencement of your business. A franchise takes time and effort – and a lot of planning needs to be considered. Think long and hard about these things until you’re sure that you are ready to begin. By laying down the foundations listed above, you are far more likely to be a successful franchisee. For an example of one of the most successful franchise businesses in the country, have a look at a Coral Homes franchise business.


Knowing Aspects of Your Work

>> Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I thank God that He has given me enough work resources to sustain my family’s needs and in times of needs He’s always there to support and love us unconditionally. Anyway I’m starting to feel the rush of work in my new job but I like it especially when I learn something from each activity that I do. I’m getting familiar with civil engineering terms and works because I will not be an effective administrative officer if I don’t know everything about the current detailed design project we’re handling.

Since I resigned from the same company and was away from it for several years already I need to review on things especially those that concerns something for my project. As Administrative Officer I need to update myself on all aspects or work in order to answer any inquiry, requests and follow-ups about the road project. I’m beginning to like being in a project as the work is not so stressful and my attention and focus is mainly directed to the project only.


Streamlining Your Accounting System

Managing finances requires hard work and careful planning of your incoming and outgoing expenses as it will help in preventing penalties and charges. It’s a common situation in a company when you suddenly lack funds for some of your payables and other immediate expenses in the company but an organized and good planner can program all expenses in a well-mannered structured procedure. This is where professional finance officers come in who plans all the financial flow of the company’s expenses. In most companies Finance department is one of the most delicate department where they employ not just licensed and experienced Accountants or Finance experts but well-versed in finance strategies as well. 

I’ve known a company where they spend huge amount of money to install innovative accounting and finance system to manage all incoming and outgoing finances. They also require high caliber finance officers to manage the company’s income and expenditures. It’s not only the payable and receivables that needs attention but the complete financial operation like managing billing, collections and distribution of funds to various departments. In this regard there should also be an employee that will closely look at the flow of operations in Finance dept. It’s a confidential department in a company so only trusted personnel will be allowed access. 

When there’s an error in collection or you have encountered returned checks in one of your clients there’s no need to spend too much time, effort and money on recovering the check instead you can get help from companies like who can do complete check collection services for you in order that you can recover whatever loss you have incurred from returned checks. They will assist in the complete recovery process. They will utilize the Automated Clearing House network for electronic re-presentment directly into the check writer’s account for free. It will help you maximize your profitability and reduce losses in the process.


Working Away – Where's Best?

>> Sunday, October 20, 2013

People are increasingly exploiting the world market and taking advantage of employment opportunities abroad. With technologies such as email, Skype and mobile phones it's possible to work abroad and remain close to loved ones back home, eliminating the previous isolation emigrates might have felt. With so many opportunities on offer, it's often hard to decide where to go. Although many options will be limited depending on work availability, it's worth weighing up the pros and cons of where to start looking. So here are three of the best cities to work round the globe.

1. Amsterdam. Often dismissed as a pleasure seeker's paradise, there's far more to entice workers and visitors to this smart city. The pretty canals and bicycle friendly streets give this city the feel of a cosy town, meaning it's easy to adapt it as a home from home. Easily reachable by Eurostar, Amsterdam offers an easy first step to working away, knowing it's always an option to hop on a train and head home whenever needed.

2. Mumbai. The fourth most populous city on Earth, Mumbai (also known as Bombay) is the wealthiest city in India, meaning opportunities are in abundance. A cultural melting pot, all faiths are welcome meaning it's a tolerant and vibrant locality. A surprising draw might be the quality of beaches around Mumbai, allowing for lots of opportunities for relaxation when the nose isn't at the grindstone.

3. Adelaide. Australia has long held a draw for workers wanting to travel to a sunny but English speaking country. Adelaide is a planned city meaning its layout is friendly for a new 'local' to adapt to, it's also renowned for having a high standard of living. The defence industry has a strong foothold in Adelaide, showing its suitability for workers with specific skills and experience in the defence sector.

If these suggestions have whetted an appetite to travel it's best to undertake some employment law training in advance of moving abroad. Australian employment law for example will help unravel the complexities of the stringent visa rules. Similarly, understanding employment law in India will avoid any problems in either applying for or executing any new job role under the Indian sun. Because starting a new job is stressful enough without falling foul of the law: you want to spend your free time enjoying your new home, not fighting a legal case wishing you were back in Blighty.


The Biggest Little Job

>> Saturday, October 19, 2013

Every office and every business around the world is full of the people with the least glamorous jobs making the biggest difference. Newspapers regularly list the top CEOs from across the globe and list their contributions to their industries. However, it's not just the bigwigs who make the businesses a success: there may not be similar lists of top secretaries and warehouse operatives available but they're just as important.

The real staff who can make or break a business:

1. The receptionist. The first point of contact for most incoming communications, receptionists need to be friendly, quick at making decisions, and effective gatekeepers. Sifting the important post and phone calls from the junk requires an ability to make a quick judgement, especially in popular business where chancers might try to scam their way through to phone calls with important personnel.

2. The personal assistant. A good PA is worth their weight in gold. A walking calendar, a thorough PA will be able to say at a moment's notice the plans for the next six months without a bat of an eyelid. Trusted with finances to book hotels and flights for business trips, an eye for detail is also paramount as a watertight itinerary needs to be guaranteed every time.

3. The apprentice. The new kid on the block often gets short shrift, delegated the crummiest and most meaningless jobs, but this isn't how it should be. Making use of fresh ideas and talent, an apprentice comes enthusiastic and willing. Seeking feedback throughout the training will open insights into how procedures could be run better. And a well-treated apprentice will swiftly become a loyal employee.

4. Accounts department. Keeping tight tabs on the cash flow, accurate and trustworthy accounts staff are invaluable. Ensure they stay happy by keeping the Sage One software up to date and switching to user friendly online accounting and payroll software. Nobody wants to find their wages sabotaged by disgruntled money minders.

5. The cleaners. If you want to avoid norovirus (and who doesn't) be nice to the team of cleaners. It's a tough and usually underappreciated job, so make sure the cleaning staff, and their work, is appreciated. Don't leave your desk in a mess, and if you drop litter pick it up!

Essentially, remember that every member of staff is important and deserves respect. Because if there's anyone there who's not important they shouldn't be on the payroll.


Achieving Your Dream Career With Some Help

>> Thursday, October 17, 2013

I love my student life way back several years ago and I can say I enjoyed every moments especially during my high school and college years. It’s fun when you think of all your closest friends and the sweet memories with them. I have collection of pictures of our group on special occasions in our university and I treasure all of them. But actually it’s not all fun and happiness as studying is a big dream that you have to give all your best, your skills, talent and wisdom in order to attain your goal. I’ve been through all those hardships on my Engineering degree and it’s all worth it when I finally graduated. As most of us experience how you should persevere to finish the course it’s a sweet triumph to finally have your dream degree. 

With all those hardships in schooling I can say that often times the stress and pressure comes from volumes of thesis and research papers that you have to do in specific period of time. Our academic life is truly one of the most challenging phases that we have to go through in order to climb the first steps of stairs to your dream. Well the papers that we need to finish is really strenuous and will consume more than your waking hours so you need to do not just studying and researching but you have to stay awake until dawn. I was lucky enough to manage it because I love those kinds of works and blessed with enough writing skills but most of my Engineering classmates find it hard to do so. 

It shouldn’t be a problem for those who really can’t manage to finish within given time or lack the ability for writing long research and term papers. With the help of essay writing service you get writing assistance on the kind of paper you should finish in due time. It will erase all your stress and problems in submitting your papers as those professional writers can do the essay in specific ordered time. Best of all you can deal with this kind online and get to talk or communicate with them easily with your specific instructions and guidelines. With their high quality writing service you can be assured of getting your essay paper in time.


High Quality Bags for Your Business

>> Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When I do my usual grocery on the supermarket near our home I also get my meat and cold cuts most of the times because I don’t have time to go to wet market. I also like how they present their goods which seems to be clean, tidy and in right weigh scale. I have observed that almost all supermarkets are now using polyethylene bags for convenience, easy access and affordable packaging. Those are very important factors for business owners because you have to give the best service to your customers without spending too much on goods that would eat most of your capital. 

Quality of materials, presentation and ease of use are some of the vital factors to consider when you deliver your products and services to your clients. If you adhere to these things your customers will come back again and will patronize your business. Now using those bags on rolls should really be useful for your customers especially if you’re in the retail business and it should be durable enough for various functions. You should choose a good supplier like to give you the best poly bags on a roll. Since they’re experts in the field of polyethylene bags you can be assured that they can give you not just high quality bags on roll but affordable as well. 

When you’re in a business you should be able to come up with products that will cater to varied clients looking for certain qualities in products. You should bring about characteristics of high quality, functionality, style, ease of use and competitive price. If you have all of these you can be assured that your products and business is on its way to success and you can expect more customers who will keep on coming back for more of your quality products and good customer service


Accredited Online MBA Programs

>> Friday, October 11, 2013

It is no secret that the state of the economy throughout the United States has really stressed out businesses to the extreme. Every type of company out there is concerned with their ability to stay afloat in today’s world. The problems that these businesses are facing leaves individuals worried about their current state of employment and whether company downsizing is going to affect them in the near future.

Individuals have found that in order to stay ahead in today’s working world is to stay up to date on their skills and training. Attending reputable educational facilities to gain the knowledge that will give them the edge for the jobs they currently hold is always one of the biggest factors companies look at when deciding who will best be suited for jobs that are not eliminated within their business. Online universities such as Pepperdine is always updating their current Master of Business Administration degrees to ensure that their students gain the skills and understanding to stay ahead in such a challenging job market.

Accredited online MBA programs offered by online educational facilities such as Pepperdine University allow their students to earn degrees in Finance, Marketing, General Management, Leadership, Organizational Management, and more. Taught by professional instructors, students will always have the necessary support system on their side to make it through these challenging educational endeavors that they select without the frustration that can sometimes occur at traditional colleges and universities around the country. Students will be able to access counseling services, financial aid assistance, job placement services, and instructional help throughout their entire experience at Pepperdine University and other such online educational facilities they utilize.

It is of the utmost importance that when selecting an online university, you choose one that is accredited through the National Educational Board. This will give you the confidence of knowing that your MBA degree will be accepted when applying for jobs around the country or when taking your education to an even higher level. You will also have the ability to earn your degree without sacrificing your current employment, family responsibilities, or other obligations that you have that would otherwise prevent you from attending a traditional educational environment.

Students that have earn their MBA degree through educational institutions such as Pepperdine University have found that the online learning structure that is offered gives them the ability to gain pertinent knowledge and understanding at their own pace. Without the actual classroom set-up, older students do not feel intimidated giving them the opportunity to focus more on the learning that is necessary.


Benefits of Good Internet Marketing on Your Business

>> Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In today’s highly innovated generation online communication plays a major role in diverse field of life be it personal or commercial. It has conquered almost all walks of life and helped a lot in terms of giving businesses a new dimension in selling and advertising. In personal life it has reaches out to people who are far apart and made communication easy, fast and very accessible. With these in mind Internet marketing has emerged as one of the best way to promote products and services using online advertising of publishers and advertisers. 

Being involved in this emerging internet marketing as owner of some sites I learned that it helps a great deal to use a no follow link to prevent robots from crawling the link. It was actually discovered to stop spam comments in your blogs which I myself received tremendously in my own blogs. Now it also serves as a help in redirecting search engines. 

As small businesses spend plenty of hours on social media sites they find the need to advertise their products through blogs that can publish their sites through helpful links that would promote and drive traffic to their businesses. There’s a lot you can do with internet marketing and you just have to know the best strategy in SEO to get the best results.


Harmony and Balance in Your Work-Life

>> Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Source:  via Race on Pinterest

Work finds a way for us to reach our dreams and achieve our financial goal. It provides a way to sustain our family’s needs. Though it’s very important to have a stable and regular job we should also make a balance of our work with our life outside our working desk. Some employees who work hard to attain their dream position sometimes put all their efforts and time on their work that they tend to forget their personal life. Few grow old before they realize that they can’t live with their success only and they need companions to make them happy.

It’s nice to live with financial stability brought about by good work but we should always remember that it should also be shared with our family. To live happily and contented we should have a good balance of our personal life, career or work, financial aspects and spiritual life. Without one of those things we will live with a bad imbalance in our life that will lead us to failure in life.


Advertising Tools on Promoting your Products

>> Saturday, October 5, 2013

Promoting a site or some products needs careful planning on how to do advertising or marketing strategies for the best way of popularizing your company’s products. I’ve been involved in such strategies when I was still employed in a small telecommunications company. We did a lot of product buzz and promotion for the consumers to recognize our products and services. It’s actually hard to do this kind when your product is just new to the industries you’re offering your services to.

Anyway I’ve learned in my six years of blogging that blog comments can do a lot in promoting your site or products through blog comments where you can add a link to a site you want to have traffic. There are many kinds of blog commenting platforms also with different style and limitations as well. 

I have yet to try what my friend is using in her blog. She mentioned Disqus as a blog comment service for blog sites and for those who uses a networked platform. As like the others it has spam and moderation tools and includes social network sites as well. 

Source Site


Online Facts and News

>> Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeing how my kids would go about their research assignments makes me remember how we used to do it decades ago when internet is not yet invented and discovered. We used to do our research work using hard bound Encyclopedia in home or school libraries. My Mom would borrow one from their library when I need to search for something. It’s not that bad during those days because it always involve 1 or 2 volumes only so Mom would usually bring one to me. I owe some of my best grades on my super Encyclopedia which is not being used by kids anymore because they can get all the information via online connection. 

Now you can do your searching  just as long as you have a PC and internet connection or you can just rent an hour or two in an internet café to finish your school tasks. Although it may seem easier now than the old times I realized it’s not because the easy accessibility of facts makes the teacher give more than the usual. 

Anyway with the advent of modern internet technology one can be updated with news locally and around the globe with just a few clicks on sites that offer and provide online news. It’s convenient and you can have it anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection and any gadget to access it and read on. Really nice! 



Career and Passion Come Together

>> Sunday, September 29, 2013

Most often we have successful careers in our life but our field of interest is different from its path.  Some of my college friends took a different field when they work because they didn’t find enthusiasm in the degree that they pursued in college.  Some like me continued with the path that our education has directed us but sometime in our working life has switched to where passion and career has come together.  

I’ve been employed with various jobs within and outside my education in college.  Experience has taught me that we can learn almost everything if we put our hearts on it even if we didn’t studied it in college.  My computer engineering degree has not taught me to work as Accounting Supervisor, Human Resource Officer and Administrative Head neither as a Customer Relations Officer.   

But it’s a different thing when your career and passion come together because it would be the perfect job ever.  Since my career doesn’t go with my passion for writing I opt to quit and choose to do what my passion dictates me.  I’m just lucky that I can do writing in the convenience of my home because there are online opportunities for those who want to make a living out of writing and blogging.  God always provides what we need.


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