Hassle-Free Invoicing for Your Business

>> Monday, April 29, 2013

I’ve been employed in 6 companies both in government and private offices. In those companies I’ve rounded through various departments and handled several tasks even those outside my field of studies. Through all the tasks I handled in all those jobs I can say that Accounting and Finance department are the two most stressful ones because it includes billing, collection and handling operational expenses of the company. I also handled administrative and human resource departments which are the most tasking but the most confidential and delicate is handling finances. 

In my former job in a minor Telco company I was the one who sends invoices to clients and I schedule it either monthly or semi monthly. In my former years I send the invoices via mail but when I found a way to send it online I embraced the new technology because it’s faster and we are getting paid earlier. Billing and collection is not an easy task because you have to be on time and should be error-free in your billing because complaints from the customers can cause delay in collection. We can’t afford delays because it can affect our budgetary allocation for our company’s payroll and operational expenses. 

Now I can see that there are online invoicing companies like Zoho Invoice which offers Invoice Software that will make your invoicing hassle-free, fast and quick. They provide a way to make invoicing to customers easier by helping you create invoice, send and manage it online. It also helps to accept payment online and track your customer’s payments. They have invoice templates that will let you create your own invoice or choose from their ready-made invoices. If you want the old time snail mail they can also provide you with their facilities.


FOREX Online Training

>> Saturday, April 27, 2013

Since FOREX Trading is the largest financial business around the world, it is very important for those who would like to invest to learn first how this thing works and how a person can earn with this through studying the basics and other terms of the field.

There are plenty of sources about FOREX trading available to help those individuals particularly those who are planning to make an investment with it. Hence, learning and understanding the whole field wouldn’t be difficult. However, a person must first possess an attitude of interest.

Learning FOREX might be difficult to understand in some other ways. But if there are difficult ones, there are easy methods available too. FOREX online training is one of the common ways where one can learn and fully understand how FOREX works and people can earn. The following are the methods available in FOREX online training.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are easier to understand rather than written ones. This allows the people to learn the basic and advance knowledge about FOREX. This concept has two sections: the beginner’s videos which teach us basic elements of FOREX market and the other one is about the advance videos which tackles more about FOREX industry which includes technical analysis, earing and losing investments and so much more. FOREX videos can be viewed in full courses or can be watched individually.


Webinars is a good form of learning too when it comes to FOREX market and trading knowledge. Just like Video Tutorials, it also has beginner and advance topics. However, FOREX webinars are better for those who actively participate most of the time although it’s for everyone after all.

Online Courses

FOREX has also online courses available for those individuals to expand their knowledge about the field. These online training courses give you the option to study by yourself or through the help of instructor-led. But nevertheless, both have the same curriculum that needed in FOREX trading/market. However, self-study courses can be done at home since it is accessible online while instructor-led needs you to meet your group weekly.


FOREX online resource center is the place where you can get the whole information about FOREX market. In this place, you would know what FOREX is all about and who are the ones using it. Meanwhile, knowing the resources of the field is also important. Mostly these are consisting of articles, ebooks and other references available online. Information one can get from the resources are mostly used by people as their research and a lot more in terms of discussing and learning more about FOREX market and trading.

If you’re new in the field, it’s a better way for you to get any of the FOREX online training listed above. Definitely, it’s a good way to start the business if you have knowledge with it already.
Source: www.ehow.com


Benefits of Getting Virtual Assistant Services

>> Friday, April 26, 2013

It’s now becoming a trend in the work industry to offer home based jobs to those capable and skilled individuals who want to work in the comfort of their homes for various reasons. Working at home seems to be the most ideal job for Moms who have kids to look after but capable of rendering services for common office tasks. I’ve worked in a corporate world for almost two decades and when the opportunity for working at home came at me I grabbed the chance to work at home while taking care of my kids. Home became my office and online writing became my source of income for two years before I was asked by a friend to help her in pioneering a new company. 

Since I’m already hooked with my online work I did both and had a very busy life of working online and offline. My office job gave me career fulfillment while my online work gave me a channel where I can share my inspirations and knowledge on various niches. Both gave me more than enough income for my family until I felt tired and wanting to stay at home again. I missed those times when I can personally monitor my kids full time while earning enough to help my husband in our finances. 

Now that I finally decided to bid farewell to real corporate world and embrace again the life of a work at home Mom I began searching for additional work aside from freelance writing. I searched for home-based jobs that would give me fixed income and found some really nice ones that I can apply to like administrative assistant, virtual assistant, data entry staff, copy writer and there are openings also for writing jobs. I was reassured again that I can do work-at-home jobs again and can earn enough for my family. 

I’m glad that there are companies that offers virtual assistant services  and other assistance services to individuals or small business men who prefers hiring virtual employees because it paves the way for people like me who have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to do the job in the convenience of our homes. For the companies it will also be a great advantage getting these services because you will not worry about having an office for your employees and you’ll only be paying for the hours worked. 

If the real office will have to pay for office rental, electricity, water and some other expenses this one will not. This is also good for those individuals who cannot handle their little office because of busy schedule. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you outsource your tasks like data entry, CRM management, scheduling, transcription, billing, and bookkeeping in a very convenient and affordable way. You can also have an online staff for your meetings, real estate tasks, accounting, billing and a lot more. With online services made available to busy businessmen and entrepreneurs you can make your business tasks easier and can move on to other works that you need to focus into.


6 Eco Friendly Arts and Craft Ideas

>> Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Upcycling; everyone is doing it and it’s a great way to reuse and recycle discarded items. With a little imagination, you can make many unique useful items to decorate your home. With a little thought and planning, it’s possible to turn some odd pieces of junk into funky pieces that are sure to be a talking point. As well as recycling items into crafty masterpieces, you will be amazed at the amount of money you can save.



By using small bits and pieces, you can easily create a mosaic. Choose a suitable size board &draw a design with a pencil. Spread glue or grout and arrange your mosaic pieces to form your design. Items such as broken china plates, beer bottle caps or buttons can be used to create your mosaic. Mosaics are not limited to boards. You can use old glass jars, terracotta pot plant bases or even cans to place your mosaic design on.


Recycle Glass Jars

Keep nice shaped jars with plain coloured lids and wash thoroughly. The lids can then be decorated with painted polka dots of different sizes or with any other design you wish. These jars then become useful storage jars and because they are glass, you can easily see their contents.


Wrapping paper

Instead of buying wrapping paper or gift bags, you can upcycle all types of paper. For small gifts, use pages from old books. For larger gifts, use old fold out maps.


A Decorative Box

Save sturdy small cardboard boxes and decorate them to hold items such as stationery, jewellery or knick knacks. Use glue to cover the box with fabric remnants. You can then embellish the box with ribbon trims. Line the inner base of the box with a piece of fabric of the same size as the base.


Rubber stamps

Collect the lids from soft drink and water bottles. Glue small foam stickers to the top of the lids. With an ink pad, these stamps can then be used to decorate boxes, paper or almost thing you like.


Tin can holders

With everything vintage currently so popular, decorating tin cans with a vintage theme is something you should try. Wash and dry tin cans and glue fabric or paper to completely cover the tin. These make useful holdalls for biros or utensils and can also be used as planters for herbs. They can also be filled with flowers or live plants and used a stable centrepieces for a vintage wedding. For a vintage theme stick to designs with polka dots or plain coloured fabric covered with a lace trim. 

Eco friendly art and craft projects are a great way to help save the environment. The items you are using in your projects would normally end up at the tip and become landfill which can take years to disintegrate. By upcycling items to use in your projects, you are prolonging their use by date. You can also use rubber stamps to decorate invitations and stationery. If you run of items to use from your home, take a visit to the local Council tip shop or visit a recycling warehouse where you can purchase industrial remnants quite cheaply.


Making Your Documents Perfect

>> Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Perfect documents create good impression especially to those who loves reading and writing as well. When you want to write your thoughts and some views that you want you can easily reach out to your readers if you can write in style and in good grammar. Actually if your job involves document or article writing you should be able to come up not just with good ideas but an article devoid of grammatical and typo errors. People look up at writers with a different view and because they have a nice regard for them they expect the best and perfectly-written documents. 

Nobody is perfect and even the best writers is susceptible to errors sometimes not because they lack capabilities but humans really make mistakes. Actually based from my experience of writing for my sites there are mood swings for us when there are seasons that ideas don’t come easy and your words just can’t seem to match what you want to imply. That’s when I usually make mistakes in writing and few times I would need my husband to check on my articles and grammars because I believe that another eye will be able to see what I can’t in my written articles. 

Well if there’s no one to proofread your work and you’re not that confident it would be good if you should get professional proofreading services to help you with editing and proofreading of your written work. It will ensure professional looking documents that will assure you that any reader would be satisfied when they read it. Those professional companies accept proofreading of brochures, business plans, stories, websites and other documents that you need to be accurate. They provide solutions to all your editing requirements so you need not worry about submitting a document you’re not confident of. They will help you make your precious article a perfect one.


Common Core Lesson Plans

>> Monday, April 15, 2013

What does it take to impart good knowledge to students? This was the question my husband answered in his observation report when he visited a secondary school. He’s finishing up a degree in secondary education and been doing all sorts of reports about learners and their responses to the present educational strategies being implemented these days. 

He learned that forums and open discussions helped a lot in encouraging interaction among students and in motivating them to participate more and express their views. For him it’s quite interesting knowing all of these and experiencing it on his own. Teachers should really have a good strategy in inviting intellectual interaction among his students because it will serve as a way of developing their analytical minds, reasoning skills and the ability to evaluate things. 

They should be prepared with common core lesson plans that will include instructional methods on increasing student participation in class recitations and and question-asking conversations like scaffolded questions, opinion-based questions, perspective questions, problem solving and evaluative questions. Doing all these they can communicate better as they learn to express their ideas, listen to others and strengthen their learning perspectives. 

Mentoring Minds can help educators to come up with good strategies and other things that will enhance capabilities in classroom conversations. They offer online motivation video about common core standards resources to help on finding the perfect supplemental material. The site will be a perfect resource site for all your mentoring needs.


High Finance Weddings

>> Saturday, April 13, 2013

I’ve watched some wedding ceremony videos last week and it dawned on me that couples who want to have a complete wedding celebration and festivities should prepare a great amount to finance everything. It’s not like this several years back when we got married. It’s also expensive but we were able to cope with the necessary costs and had a simple but beautiful wedding. 

Anyway just looking at women and mens diamond wedding bands available online gets my eye glued to the elegance of the latest designs and styles. Wearing those would simply be awesome just like what those brides feel when they’re given such beautiful rings. Diamonds are forever and that’s precisely what the rings are meant to be in the hearts of the couples who wear it.


When Opportunity Knocks

>> Friday, April 12, 2013

Sometimes opportunity knocks in our door but we're too busy to recognize it let alone opening our door to let it in. Most of the times we know it but we're having doubts about it and we're so comfortable in what we have that we didn't want change in our lives.  It applies especially to work opportunities which is a little bit difficult to decide upon when you're stable and happy with it. 

From experience I know that changing work and employment is exciting but at the same you'll have some apprehensions on your new employer, co-employees and the job itself.  Proving yourself once more is not that easy as work differs with every company that you work with.  Well this is what I've learned from working in six different companies for 20 years. 

Up until now I'm on my 6th company and hopefully the last....as I want to go back to blogging and writing in the comfort of my home.  The job that I've never counted as one is my most fulfilling job of all.  Aside from being a Mom my work-at-home blogging and writing articles and reviews gave me not just a fulfillment of my dream but a good source of income as well.  I was grateful and thankful that when this opportunity that knocked at my door more than 5 years I was able to recognize and grab it.  I know God was the one who knocked the door and gave this opportunity to me.


Learning Music This School Break

>> Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Since the kids are now enjoying their school break they’re into their favorite hobby of learning musical instruments like piano, guitar, lyre and soon violin. I told them to take it one at a time because learning them all would give them some pressure. Well my second daughter is doing it on a weekly interval and she’s keen on learning as much as she can to maximize her vacation. The eldest is in between learning guitar and reviewing for her forthcoming college entrance examination in the next few months so it’s only one instrument for her. 

The vacation is doing them good despite the very hot weather. They eat well and sleep more and from what I’m seeing now they’re getting fuller cheeks. I hope that they will gain some pounds this summer to prepare them for the coming school year again. School days often took them some hours from their rest periods so it’s good that they make the most of their school vacation by eating, sleeping and learning musical instruments as much as they can. 

Anyway we’re searching for the best cajon for our home usage and also for our church because the one we’re using is really old and showing some signs of over usage already. Hope we’ll be able to find good deals online so we can spend our money on some instruments we need. We really need to update our instruments for better praising ceremony in the church.


General Suggestions for Filing Bankruptcy

>> Saturday, April 6, 2013

Congress produced bankruptcy like a implies for Americans struggling with overpowering debt to achieve a second likelihood. Filing bankruptcy isn't the devastating catastrophe that creditors want folks to feel, but in fact a blessing to those who are in the economic crisis. A bankruptcy filing will remain on your credit score report for as much as 10 years, but your credit score is not going to be fully trashed if you file for bankruptcy. 

If you think about it, it is genuinely better to file bankruptcy and wipe out your debts, stop the legal action, and start rebuilding your credit. The very first stage while in the process is always to find a skilled bankruptcy attorney. You are going to then ought to provide the bankruptcy attorney with comprehensive private details this kind of as all debts, assets, cash flow, and bills. 

Copies of financial institution statements spend stubs, and tax returns will even be needed so the lawyer can accurately put together the bankruptcy petition. When the petition is prepared it is filed in the bankruptcy court by the bankruptcy lawyer. The bankruptcy court will appoint a trustee to oversee the case on the time of filing bankruptcy along with the date for your creditors meeting, or 341 meeting. This takes location about a month following the case was filed and should be attended from the debtor and their bankruptcy lawyer. Debtors will probably be pleased to learn that regardless of the title, creditors seldom attend this meeting unless of course they truly feel that fraud was involved on the part of the debtor. This implies the debtor emerges through the bankruptcy filing totally debt cost-free or close to it.

If any person considers themselves in a desperate or hopeless fiscal predicament they should quickly look for skilled advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney to locate out if filing bankruptcy is right for them. 

The author is really a professional that formed FilingBankruptcyPros.Com which gives info for debtors thinking about filing bankruptcy underneath Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and helps men and women cease foreclosure and remove their debt by placing them in touch using a regional bankruptcy lawyer.


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