The 5 Most Common Interview Questions - and How to Answer Them

>> Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heading to an interview can often be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you prepare ahead of time and have already planned out your answers to some of the most common questions you will be less anxious and prepared to go in there and get that job! Not all questions will be the same but most employers ask questions along the same lines so that they can learn particular things about you and decide whether you are the right person for the job. Sometimes employers will hire recruitment agencies such as One Key Resources to do their interviewing for them, so you won’t actually be talking to your employer until you get the job. Here are 5 of the most common interview questions that you might be asked.

Tell me about yourself?

When an interviewer asks you this question they don’t want to know too much about your personal life and they definitely don’t want to hear that your boyfriend just dumped you, or any other dramas. What they are really asking is give me an overview of who you are professionally. This question is generally asked at the beginning of an interview, basically to get a broad background before they go into the specifics about who you are.

What are your strengths?

This is your chance to talk yourself up and tell them about all the skills you have that will make you the best person for the job. Its time to tell them what a great communicator you are and how you are a team player and what you will bring to the workplace as an employee. They want to get a picture about how you will fit in with the rest of the team.

Why did you leave your last job?

Firstly, be positive, even if you feel you were treated unfairly. Make sure you reframe everything about your last position in anupbeat way that shows that you hold no grudges and that you understood whyyour employment needed to come to an end at that time. Talk to your interviewer about your previous job in the same way that they would want you to be talking about their workplace when/ if you leave their company, should you be successful.

What questions do you have for me?

The best interviews are conversations not interrogations. When the interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask questions, this is a great opportunity for you to show them that you have researched their company by asking a relevant question about the industry. Also remember to ask when the

What problems and challenges did you face in your last position?

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you were able to overcome challenges. Prepare for this question by thinking about situations or challenges that you faced in your last job and how you overcame them. Show them that you are a good communicator and that you were a team player in your response. 

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Exercise While You Work with Elliptical Machine Office Desk

>> Thursday, July 25, 2013

Want to exercise but don’t have time? Well for those who can’t find time to do it because of work there’s one smart solution. You can do it with the help of elliptical machine office desk with capabilities of letting you do multi-tasking jobs, really meant for workaholic like me lol! The adjustable-height desk is paired with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to enable the user to exercise while doing some work. You can see in the pic how she tends to maximize things as she works on the computer. Amazing isn’t it? 

With this one you can slowly pedal and be able to burn around 4K calories per week. The seat slides are richly padded and you can adjust the backrest for super comfort and convenience. With the press of a button you can adjust the height of the desk can be adjusted from 27” to 47” for switching purposes like from sitting to standing position. This equipment or furniture is so good that working seems not so stiff anymore.

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Organizing Your Things

>> Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you tired of having to do so much work when it comes to spring cleaning? There are a few things that you can do to reduce your own workload. These tactics will help you get through everything more quickly so that you have a clean, pleasant home. 

First of all, you can use cabinet organizers to keep everything in its place. Most of the stuff that you have to throw out is just junk that you accumulate during the year. Since it will not have a place, it will be very obvious what is there intentionally and what can be thrown out. 

Next, you should always go through your things to see what you have not used recently. Some people will turn all of their clothes a certain direction on their hangers. After wearing them, they turn them the other way. After six months, they see which pieces are still turned the first direction, the idea being that they probably do not need it if they have not worn it in that long. 

Finally, you should think about spring cleaning whenever anyone offers you something for free. Do not be drawn in just by the idea that it is free. They are probably just giving it to you because it has sat in a closet for a long time. What is to say that it will not just sit in your closet instead? Only take free things if you thought you needed them before they were offered to you.


Holiday Decors for Business and Home

>> Friday, July 19, 2013

I can feel that workload is starting to pile up and earnings are quite bigger now than the last few months. This is because the longest holiday season all over the world will only be five months from now. Suddenly there are works available and some job opportunities that seem so scarce before. Well I love this season of time when online works is beginning to reach its high peak. 

Anyway it’s actually a little bit early because the opportunities usually comes in late August but I like it really especially that I get to see deals and discounts all over the online world offering this and that, those and these. It’s the best time to start doing your list now while some products are on sale on multiple sites like dept 56 where I found those little cute snow babies, Christmas ornaments and other holiday decors good for your home or for your gift lists. Well it’s always cheaper to do your shopping earlier while there is no rush.


Willingness to Do Things

>> Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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In a working environment it is important that employees or workers are willing to do the work and responsible for all duties assigned to him.  We all need knowledge, skills and high IQ for better understanding of work but your enthusiasm means more than that.  Your ‘I can’ is vital to accomplishing difficult tasks in your work because it promotes eagerness and commitment in producing optimum results.

Most of the times those who are more than willing to contribute their ideas are more preferred by the management than intelligent employees who are not enthusiastic in doing their work.  When you think that you CAN do the work your positive attitude will give you better insight and inspiration that will lead you to better accomplishment.


Smart Investments

>> Monday, July 15, 2013

Most investment companies are built on the corporate model, but there are a few successful firms that still operate out of a family office. One of those is Hexagon Inc. This company was founded and headed up by Scott Reiman in 1992. Reiman graduated from the University of Denver in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration in Finance. He now is the president of Hexagon, Inc. and also is the director of several charities, organizations and foundations around Denver. 

Reiman has built his life on smart investments and that includes charities and education foundations as well. Hexagon Inc. works with marketable securities including venture capital, oil, gas, real estate and private equity. Reiman has been the leader of this business throughout its humble beginnings until now. For over two decades, Hexagon has been growing into a multimillion dollar company with many investments throughout the country. 

As president, Reiman is one of the best leaders to help with Hexagon investments. He has made some solid investments on his own in the community of Denver. You can still find the family office for Hexagon right in the City of Denver. That's also where you'll find the Reiman Foundation, a charity where Reiman is the managing director. In addition, he also serves as the Director of ACE Scholarships, Denver Scholarship Foundation, American Transplant Foundation, The Denver Art Museum, Graland County Day School and Alliance for Choice in Education. He is also on the board of trustees for University of Denver, where he graduated in 1987. 

Reiman also received the Ammi Hyde Award for Young Alumni Achievement due to his success as both an investor and charity director. He continues to work hard for education and also oversees a variety of civic boards in Denver. From small beginnings, you can create a vast business and achieve great success. Reiman started just out of college and was able to create his own company. Today that company has helped with a variety of organizations and continues to be one of the best investment companies in the country. Reiman is still a family man and lives in Denver with his family.


Dress Code in Work and Business

>> Friday, July 12, 2013

Women in all aspects of her life loves to dress up be it formal, corporate, casual, rugged or whatever style she wants to be.   Dressing up is a matter of choice and if you’re stylish you’ll end up beautiful in whatever you wear.  We need not wear our best only on our church, parties or special occasion but when we’re working also.  Being in a corporate work for several years exposed me to various companies and their regulations on dress code. 

Of course it will also depend on your position and rank in the company.  Those who deals with clients and attends meeting with higher ranks should be able to dress better than the staff.  They’re usually required to be formal and very corporate not just in looks but in their attire as well.  I’ve learned that it’s not hard especially when you have special coats  and blazers to go with your corporate suits.  These essentials are important to make you look very corporate and executive which will eventually help you in feeling confident of yourself.  In turn you’ll be able to close deals and be successful in your dealing with prospective clients.


Bad Attitude in Work and in Life

>> Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oftentimes we see employees with excellent credentials and work experience fail in making it to stay long in the company they’re working for. Well there are varied reasons for that but it’s either the employee has resigned or the company asked him to resign. Reasons are always confidential to others except the personnel department and the head management but in time other employees get to know why the employees can’t stay longer. 

I’ve spent 8 years in human resources and I’ve learned many things in the facet of employment and employees’ attitude towards work. People are not perfect and many are always reprimanded in tardiness and absences but for these people they were always given a chance to change and practice punctuality and manage their absences. If they can’t follow office rules and regulations they were given suspension and after sometime termination. 

As these things are signs of bad habits in working there are also bad attitude that should be monitored by the management and personnel department. Bad attitude include things like cheating on attendance and time, absence without notice or without leave permits, using the company’s properties for personal usage, sharing confidential info to other companies and individuals and many other similar things. Well these are written in the company’s standard policy but others really don’t want to abide sometimes. 

I came to realize that some people may be intelligent and skilled but they’re disabled somehow because I believe that one of the major disabilities in life is bad attitude because when you have it you will not be effective in your work or you’ll have a hard time getting along with people who will not be able to stand up to your major disability in life. Bad attitude can be changed if you’re open to criticisms and advices.


Company’s Safety with Cell Phone Spy Software

>> Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I’ve been employed with many companies in my two decades of corporate working and I’ve seen a lot of things that can make or break the company’s success. One of the things that I observed is the ways on how the employees keep or share confidential information about the company when they’re not allowed to do such thing. Well maybe we cannot trust all employees to be honest, careful and true to their words as not all have the character to be like that. As I’ve been in the human resources and administrative department for several years I learned that you should instill specific standard office regulations on divulging confidential information about the company. 

Upon reading mspy app review I was convinced that company dealing with delicate information should be able to install spy software. This is not to violate the privacy of the employee but to ensure the company’s security only. Those under the sales and marketing department are usually issued company’s phone and there should be monitoring software in which one of the management can access the phone’s activities remotely. As they can manipulate the data and share it to some other companies or abuse the company’s phone to their personal use it’s just fair to monitor or view full log of their emails, text messages, calls and other activities connected to their work. 

All these can be done through phone spy software with an SMS tracker which is offered by mSpy which provides mobile spying applications like GPS tracking, remote access, tracking text messages, phone book access, downloading emails remotely, and a lot more monitoring capabilities. It’s also user friendly as you only have to install the mSpy application on the phone you want to monitor like company-issued phones and log onto your control panel on the computer. Then you can track all outgoing and incoming text messages and more because even deleted messages can be tracked by mSpy. Isn’t it great? Very functional indeed.


Three Reasons to Get an MBA You Haven't Thought Of

>> Monday, July 8, 2013

The Masters running a business Administration degree is among the most versatile degrees available. Unlike a Ph.D. or another masters programs, the MBA isn't tied to a certain future profession. You will be able to start the amount and really join in, using the time to best realize your future potential and locate something that gives a spark in your soul. You don’t need to make up your decision first and after that live with it your entire life.

There’s some risk when we are required to come up with a lifelong decision at this kind of early age. So once I am asked some tips I think someone should do when they are seeking degree after college, It's my job to suggest the MBA program. The procedure for application continues to be streamlined making it easier, too, with business school admissions consulting firms including You don’t have to fear the method, and you be able to focus on having your work done and becoming the degree. So besides employability, what’s the advantage of an MBA? There are a handful of side important things about getting your MBA that you could not have considered! 

Impressive Conversation Topic with a Party 

Getting the MBA degree is perhaps all well and good, and will get you noticed by potential employers over someone that does not have their education. But the very fact that there is a higher degree will almost certainly impress others, as well, particularly folks the opposite sex at parties. That should not be overlooked like a very real benefit. Not will still only you be able to talk about your experiences getting this higher-level degree, however you will automatically contain the leg up over dollar-an-hour retail employees who're also mingling from the snack spread. Play them back humbly and act nonchalant, and you'll be good to go. 

Read Others Better, Be a Better Person 

A serious aspect of an MBA degree is marketing, and learning how to best sell something to a desired audience. Many businesses fail because one’s own prejudices or opinions are weighted too heavily, and also the exact people that will be pumping money into the business are ignored. That is certainly a foolish approach to run a business, and the topics are covered in-depth using your courses inside the MBA program. But these very same techniques and considerations are directly applicable on your everyday life, along with the interactions you have with others. If you disregard the fundamental personality of those you happen to be talking to, you're going to fail at truly connecting. This is not just relevant to romantic interactions, and also to friends as well as family. An MBA degree can, if you let it, allow you to a better person. 

Help Your Friends, Be A Colleague 

This is not like being the one guy inside your circle of friends who has a truck and it’s moving day. Generally, we all like to help out our friends, so when you have your MBA, you will be the one getting emailed from the friends and family asking you your advice. Perhaps this seems annoying, but think of being able to help you your loved ones with a simple email. You don’t need to go over to their property to feed the fish or drive them to the airport during rush hour, becoming a good friend or relative you just have to write an e-mail back giving some sage advice that you’ve gleaned out of your time in school, and will also be a godsend. Now that’s worth the price of admission alone.


Float Wall Desk for Working at Home

>> Saturday, July 6, 2013

I work at home online for eight hours or more a day and because I write articles and reviews I need a space that would give me enough silence to work uninterrupted.  Writing is not easy if your environment is not conducive to thinking ideas and you have to find ways on how you'll be able to write on given environmental conditions.  So for those who works at home like me it's easier if you can find a corner where you can work in peace.  Well some of my blogger friends really create a separate room for working just like they're in a real office.  

Others don't mind as long as they can find a special nook to place their laptop and some working items and they're fine.  I'm one of these bloggers who are contented to have a corner or nook for their things as long as the place is civil or silent enough.  For those who can't spare a big space in their house for a home office you can create a float wall desk in your house without eating up much space just like the picture above.  The setup would be an ideal one for me and for you.


Career Training on Plant, Building and Facility Maintenance

People who are interested in training for a career in HVAC and electrical can enroll in a class with American TrainCo. This organization offers the latest training that can help people train for and enter into a career that involves working with heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and building management. When it comes to enrolling in this training, people have a variety of options available to them. They can take an in-house training session that lets them train from their own towns. This option helps people who cannot travel and need to stay close to home. 

Likewise, people have the option of enrolling in seminars where they can learn about servicing boilers, air conditioners, and a variety of other components necessary for keeping businesses and homes functioning and comfortable. This training also is ideal for people who already work in these professions, but want to advance their careers. They can further their educations in the hopes of moving up in the career of plant management or supervision. 

With this training, they can add to their work experience and become more knowledgeable about this line of work. They can also add to their safety training and emergency preparedness when they learn the up-to-date topics that are relevant to their trade. Along with HVAC, boiler servicing, electrical training, and other topics, students can learn about mechanical welding and other special trades that are relevant to their line of work. They can gain knowledge that keeps them safe by clicking here for information.


Legal Help on Filing Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy isn't for everyone, but for those who do need to file, finding an attorney to represent you is crucial. A bankruptcy Nebraska  lawyer can help you figure out exactly how to file for bankruptcy, what is required of you after you file and what steps you can take to speed the process along. Additionally, a lawyer will be able to offer comfort and reassurance during the process that things will work out okay. 

Lawyers handle bankruptcy cases on a regular basis so they are well aware of the challenges that accompany bankruptcy filings. The first thing you can do is to read as much as possible about bankruptcy. Understand exactly how it works, how long it takes and what you can do to prevent bankruptcy from occurring again. Remember that while bankruptcy is certainly an option for specific debt, some things will not be affected by bankruptcy. For example, student loans can typically not be forgiven, so you will still be responsible for any student loan debt. 

Make sure you ask your lawyer any questions you have. Don't rely entirely on information from the Internet. Your lawyer understands your specific case and background, so she will be able to offer you specific personalized advice that pertains to what you're going through. Remember that your lawyer's goal is to help you and that she is on your side.


New Work Again

After my resignation from a two-year pioneering job in a new company I started to be super active in my online writing works. I’ve applied to many direct advertisers and joined more groups to widen my earning opportunities. I even joined Elance and luckily won a bid in few days of joining. God has given me provisions to support and finance my family’s needs in the months that I worked online at home. 

During the first month after my resignation I summed up my earnings and figured out that it’s not enough to sustain my kids’ school fees and even if I shelled out all my earnings to enroll them I need to save again. Since my online earnings are just enough for our current needs I started to think of applying for a part-time job because I only need additional income as I’m already earning online. 

Well I guess my plan is not God’s plan because when I applied in my former company for which I served for 16 years I was hired for a full time job. I cannot find a part-time job that I like and it seems good to work again with my old colleagues. Now I’ll be starting on a project work next week as Admin. Officer and I can’t be thankful enough that God is always there to provide me with work whenever I need be it online or offline. God is good all the time.


Legal Help to Defend You

One of the most stressful things that can happen to your life is to be involved in a lawsuit. I’ve seen it happen to my friends when they filed a case against the company they’ve worked with and the company also charged a case against them. It’s hard to be in their situation because it affects not only their work but their personal life as well. Even if you know that you’re innocent to the charges filed against you it’s still sad and depressing to think that people can be that bad. To top it all you will have to spend lots of money to hire a lawyer and do everything to prove them wrong. 

Well it’s good to know that there are law firms like Minnesota law that offers legal services to clients at an affordable cost. They prided themselves in providing quality criminal defense and immigration law service for several years with a proven track record of winning results. They even have special reduced fees for veterans and service members to further help them when they’re in dire need of lawyers to defend them. With them you’ll be out of the stress you experience because they will ensure you that they have the experience and capabilities to help you win your case.


Diving on the Island of Pianosa: Soon to be Authorized

>> Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Around the island, once a prison, since years ago diving has been prohibited as well as the passage of boats. Now it seems that in order to make the island of Pianosa and its riches - without devastating it as we love to do with the most beautiful natural areas of our countries - the Park Authority has decided to take care of the Tuscan archipelago, in a controlled manner and regulated access of boats and divers in the marine area of Devil's Island. In a couple of months will be the first opening which should then also involve other protected areas letting you go to shop from a great selection of wetsuits for water sports in Pianosa.

For the moment only the boats of diving centers will be able to dock at Tuscan buoys near the coast of Pianosa, keeping them under control by their sub clients. But the Park requires operators interested in diving in the protected area to send an information certifying the possession of specific requirements: the presence of an environmental guide of the Underwater Tuscany Region will pass the inscription of the diving center at the Chamber of Commerce by at least one year for the use of boats with boxes for the collection of sewage drains, equipped with motor in line with the European Directive and fueled with biodiesel, ethanol, gas or other 'green'fuel.

Already from this summer it will be possible to go down on these beautiful and pristine waters for swimming, admiring and take pictures to one of the marine environments that man has not yet devastated. I can say that it is an opportunity not to be missed.


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