Float Wall Desk for Working at Home

>> Saturday, July 6, 2013

I work at home online for eight hours or more a day and because I write articles and reviews I need a space that would give me enough silence to work uninterrupted.  Writing is not easy if your environment is not conducive to thinking ideas and you have to find ways on how you'll be able to write on given environmental conditions.  So for those who works at home like me it's easier if you can find a corner where you can work in peace.  Well some of my blogger friends really create a separate room for working just like they're in a real office.  

Others don't mind as long as they can find a special nook to place their laptop and some working items and they're fine.  I'm one of these bloggers who are contented to have a corner or nook for their things as long as the place is civil or silent enough.  For those who can't spare a big space in their house for a home office you can create a float wall desk in your house without eating up much space just like the picture above.  The setup would be an ideal one for me and for you.


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