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>> Friday, December 27, 2013

I feel so lazy at work these days after our vacation in Baguio and I’m not surprised to see all office mates have the same attitude. Well it’s expected as we have only two days and it’s a long weekend again. The management told us that we can go home early which is actually their old habit in the past letting the employees have an earlier break for the holidays. Anyways since I’m early for home I got some few more time to be online I got to see some videos as recommended by DH and I’m so amazed with the recent proposal videos he asked me to watch. 

It’s becoming a trend now to think of unique ways to propose for marriage to your special someone. Some do it with the crowd, others in the mall, airport, special places, restaurants and some other areas that became special for the couple in their years of being together. I find some very emotional that made me cry but others are just regular proposal for me except that most are surprises which made them somewhat special. Well with all these proposals I know they find some engagement rings here or wherever they find beautiful and quality made rings. I’m sure makers of engagement rings are happy to see the latest trend in marriage proposal which would also make their business flourish more.


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