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>> Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Waiting for someone or killing your time while it's not yet your cue for interview, whatever it is you'll enjoy sitting in this modern lounge chair perfectly designed for modern day office. With a magazine to read, with your tablet or a net book perhaps you can make your time worthwhile here while looking very chic in this stylish modern unique chair made especially for stylish office too.

Well it can also be perfect for your home when you want something different especially if you have some guests waiting for you. It just caught my attention when I was browsing the net and looking for some unique and creative ideas for office furniture.


Why Protecting Your Business Assets is Important

Many businessmen define a successful business as turning in a profit. But what is the point of that success if it unintentionally disappears in the blink of an eye? Once profit is generated, your success must be shielded and protected, for both business and personal assets. By nature, most entrepreneurs are optimistic, fast moving and risk-tolerant. Yet if you own your own business, everything you've worked so hard to achieve hinges on your ability in protecting your business!

If you can imagine it, then there's a possibility it could happen:

• Accidents wherein a customer or client gets affected – examples: A patron gets sick from food you've prepared. A customer slips and falls in your store. 
• Acts of God or natural calamities example: A massive snowstorm collapses your roof and shuts down business for three days. 
• Accidents that affect your workplace or your employees – examples: Your office building is damaged in a fire. An employee picks up a client from the airport and gets into a car accident on the return trip. 
• Legal liabilities – examples: A former employee sues you for wrongful termination. 

Many business owners either don't think about these possibilities or look at overall expenses and decide they'll take a chance and forego the premiums. But that's a gamble not worth taking. With the right types and amounts of coverage, you can protect your business from being wiped out by any one of these unfortunate scenarios. 

Just look around a business and see what's at stake- everything from furniture to fixtures, office equipment, supplies, inventory, and other assets. They all amount to a significant investment, so protecting them from loss, damage, or theft just makes good business sense.


Business Protection

Although insurance needs vary widely from one business to another, a business protection plan in summary does this for your business: 

• Protect your profits
• Safeguard your employees and their jobs
• Loan protection
• Key man/ key person cover


Examples of Business Insurance or Protection

• Liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits related to property damage or injuries suffered by someone else, for which you are held responsible. 
• Business owner coverage combines property insurance and general liability insurance into one package. It's an affordable way to protect your business, although some of the coverages are limited.
• Business income insurance ensures that you get paid even if you lose income as a result of damage that temporarily shuts down or limits your business-such as a collapsed roof or computer system outage. 

About the Author:
Martha Blythe is a struggling entrepreneur. One of the very first things she did when she was setting up her business was to get a business protection plan. 


Human Resources Management Degree for Your Career

I’ve worked for 8 years handling human resources in two of the companies I was employed in the past but the fact is I don’t have degree in that particular field. I was just trained to do personnel works by the HR consultant and she trusted my capabilities to do the job well through work experience. True enough I was able to learn my way through my tasks and handled human resources department in the absence of our consultant who finds her way into working abroad. When my next employment came in I was also assigned to handle HR department as part of my administrative and logistics work. 

I must admit I’m a little soft for the position because I really find it hard to reprimand employees when they’re not following some office guidelines. My worst task is sending termination notice to employees because it’s hard to say that they don’t have jobs anymore. Well anyway it’s just part of my early years in human resources as I’ve come to learn the ropes and was able to perform my duties well. My colleagues told me that I have organizational skills and abilities to work in details and I just have to learn some more like taking associates degree human resources we found online. 

More often we just have to know our abilities and strengths and we can use it to enhance our work by undergoing skills training which is what human resources management degree can give you. It will give you a chance to have expertise in human resource functions, identify and deal with employee relations issues, be skilled in hiring, supervising and training employees and best of all understand employment laws and labor relations. After you finished your associate’s degree it will make a way for better opportunities and managerial positions in the future.


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