Grooming For Your Best Corporate Look

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2014

When you’re working in a corporate world dressing up and grooming are vital especially when you’re in a high ranking position. A well groomed corporate employee should look in his best when dealing with clients and associates to represent the company well. As they say first impression last so one should be able to impress people with smart and witty ways but a pleasing personality and good looks as well. 

If you’re in the same situation where looks play an important role in your work you can try choosing for taylor of old bond street products to help you achieve the best look in your corporate work. They offer luxury grooming products for men like colognes, aftershaves, accessories, soaps and a lot more. With the use of these high quality products you’re assured that you’ll be at your best in your work.


Choosing Your Career

>> Saturday, November 15, 2014

Choosing career need not be too hard if you focus not just on your skills and intelligence but on your passion as well. Many students choose a college course depending on the demands of job employment but others follow the desires of their heart. It’s both acceptable but you should also weigh things before deciding what career to take. For my kids I always tell them to think of what they want to be when they work and with that they can perceive what possible courses would fit not just their desires but their capabilities as well. 

My younger daughter who loves music and plays various musical instruments asked me if she could take up music. I told her to think it over as she can study music anytime she wants even after she has finished a college course that would ensure her of work stability in the future. I advised her to think deeper of her goals and dreams and she can take up both if she desires. She’s just very interested and fascinated with music that her attention is focused on having as many instruments as she wants like the acoustic di box at guitar center, new piano or any instrument that fancies her young mind. 

Well I’m proud that like my grandfather, uncle and brother she inherited our ancestors’ talent in music and that she can use it in our church. I just hope that her fondness with music continues until she has grown up to be a grown up lady. Her dreams of having a degree in business or engineering will go well with her love for music. It will not in any way complicate with her dreams.


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