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>> Friday, September 25, 2015

It’s always better to have your own company or business to attend to instead of having an 8-hour office corporate job. Well the regular job is also good as it offers regular and stable income to pay for basic needs and monthly bills. I myself have been employed regularly for more than two decades on varied fields of business in electronics, transportation, consultancy, telecommunications, equipment distributorship and engineering. On all those companies that I worked with I was able to receive stable compensation to finance my family’s needs. This is also the reason why many people stick to a regular job even if sometimes the pay is not that big. 

Now it’s different when you are the boss or when you’re working for own company because there are more benefits most of the times. You can decide your own time, your own schedule, strategy and marketing techniques. Same goes for some  owner operator trucking jobs who can enjoy the choice of choosing their loads to haul, the places they want to run, the time they want to dispatch the load, the number of loads and many other things that only an owner-operator can do. Most of them need to lease to a company so they will just choose the loads that meet their needs and to help with managing their dispatches. 

Being your own boss gives you more responsibilities but it also gives you financial and work freedom. You just need to know the boundaries of your capabilities, the steps you need to take to make it successful, how to handle your finances wisely and the people or company you need to work with. Sometimes you need to have a working partner or you have to lease to a supplier who can give you clients for your business. There are several things to learn when you start your own business and more when you’re in the middle of it. The most important thing is you stay focused and work your way to your success.


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