Resource for My Kitchen Cabinets

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Now that there are only two weeks left before the school break I’m looking forward to do spring cleaning of the house. I will also make some arrangement with our carpenter to build customized cabinets in the kitchen. I love working in the kitchen where I spend most of my idle time cooking and preparing foodies for my family but sometimes it gets so messy that I hate looking at the whole area. Due to increasing stocks of kitchen utensils and small cooking appliances the kitchen suddenly became small. 

It’s hard to work if the space is small so I really need to organize things and put the small clutter to cabinets so I can work and cook conveniently. I’ve seen some creative ideas on and think of buying a ready-made customized one if my budget will allow. Well I have to consult DH if we’ll build our own or just order from a reliable supplier. Kitchen is my favorite nook in my house and if ever I’ll have more finances I’ll have it renovated and redecorated. Wishes…


Finding Time to Play Guitar After School Ends

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My dear daughter Gen is busy with her finals that she always sleeps late at night and can’t attend to her personal things at times. She also misses her guitar practice because she can’t find the time to even strum a few chords. Well she promised herself that she’ll give quality time to her musical instruments once she gets all her grades this semester. Engineering courses are really tough to study and I know what she’s going through having walked the same path decades ago when I took Computer Engineering. 

It will only be less than two weeks and she can focus on practicing some of her songs using her guitar and the vintage guitar picks she loves dearly. I’m also looking forward to hear when she plays my favorite pieces as sometimes I sing when she strums. It’s not only relaxing but a sweet bonding for the whole family.


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