5 Components of an Effective Resume

>> Thursday, June 8, 2017

Making an effective resume is essential to making a good first impression on recruiters or prospective employers. The best resumes outline specific achievements in a clear, organized manner and include the following elements.

Clear Objective

The career objective should highlight your experience and your ambition. It should include the highest degree you hold, how many years of experience you have and why you would be a good choice for the employer’s firm. What specific gap would hiring you fill? Make that clear in your objective.

Clean Format

Your resume should be easy to read and follow. The text should be in a simple font. Use bold and italics to differentiate between heading types, and use bullet points to organize the material under the headings. A clean, well-spaced format makes the reader’s job easier.

Logical Organization

When applying with the Los Angeles accounting recruiters at Beacon Resources, your resume should include sections on accounting experience, degrees and certifications, accounting software skills and communication skills. Listing work experience first highlights your qualifications and can help recruiters determine the jobs for which you would be best suited.

Relevant Information

Your work experience should encompass more than job descriptions. After the job title heading, list your best personal accomplishment at the top. From there, detail the tasks you completed as a regular part of the job using vivid action words. Did you supervise or train others? If so, specify how you molded them to be productive members of the team. Your work experience should reflect how you performed the job like no one else could have performed it.

Quantifiable Achievements

Numbers often impress more than words alone can. Include quantifiable accomplishments in your list of work experience. This can be anything from the size of the budget you managed to the amount of money you made for the company. It can be the number of people you oversaw. Numbers give unique specificity to your accomplishments.

A Resume That Wins

These five components are crucial for a winning resume. Create an effective resume that will set you apart from other applicants.


Benefits And Types Of Medical Insurance For Your Horse

>> Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A horse can be a very expensive pet to own. Unlike many other types of insurances, many people forego getting horse insurance because of the extra cost. However, many fail to realize that the true value of having the insurance will far outweigh the cost. Insuring a horse compared to other types of pets is tricky. The type of insurance can vary greatly depending on the value of the horse. Owners of horses are able to weigh the worth of their horses by checking its sale price and records. Below are some of the main benefits to getting insurance for your horse.

Benefits Of Insurance

There are many benefits to getting horse medical insurance such as that which is offered through reputable companies such as www.arkagency.com. You can get total coverage on things such as losing your horse to theft or it straying away. Also, you can be covered in the unfortunate event that your horse dies of an illness or gets injured and dies as a result of those injuries. Other benefits include things like coverage of tack and saddlery, vet fees, disposal and personal accident coverage.

Mortality Insurance

This type of horse insurance covers the loss of the horse. The policy will protect the owner or the lessor in the event there is an accident, injury, illness or disease that results in the horse dying. Many mortality insurance policies will also offer coverage in the event that the horse is stolen.

Peril Policy Insurance

One type of horse insurance coverage to get is peril policy coverage. There are many uncertain perils that can occur to kill or seriously injure your horse. Things like fire, lightning and transport accidents can occur without warning. This is typical of a life insurance policy and each type of death related cause will be listed in the policy.

Loss-Of-Use Policy

This type of policy is in direct accordance to many mortality insurance policies. However, there are some distinct variations to it. This policy works by paying for the decreased worth of the horse after sustaining injuries or from illness which directly affects the performance of the horse as set by the standards listed in the policy when purchased. Any horse owner who signs up for this type of policy will need to contact the insurance company right away if their horse gets injured or contracts a disease or illness.

No one likes to think about their pets dying. However, for an expensive pet such as a horse, it is in the best interest of the owner to have insurance coverage. Anything can happen to your horse unexpectedly and being prepared for vet costs or other expenses will be in your best interest.


Learning How to Combat Work Stress Through Good Things in Life

>> Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Work is tiring at times but survival can be achieved if you have a cheerful attitude. Through years of working I learned to combat stress with a positive approach in life and I survived even the worst job scenario. It’s my faith in God that helped me through it all and He always directs my path to a place where I cannot just be my best at work but in a work where I can be happy as well. Life is good especially if God is the center of it. 

If life is not something you expect it to be and you sometimes think that work is too hard you can resort to things that can make you happy. People should find for themselves an outlet for their loneliness and boredom. First you should have a healthy spiritual community that can turn negative attitude into positive, this is very important because our life depends on how we approach problems and everything that comes our way. 

Next you have to know what things can make you happy like loving your family, enjoying some hobbies and learning some new good things like playing musical instruments. With this you can find good instruments to play at http://stores.guitarcenter.com/hallandale where I usually frequent these days for my kids’ musical hobbies too. Loving and learning new things can turn your life into an exciting one which can make you happier as well. It can also make your work a piece of cake.


Depending on Smartphones for Computer Applications

>> Friday, March 24, 2017

Most people are dependent on their mobile phones or tablets for their online applications and usage. Instead of doing it on computers or laptops they find it more convenient to do their email, banking, shopping, movie watching, music listening and related activities on their mobile phones. Well I can’t blame them as I myself do a lot of things on my mobile phone the reason why I choose a good phone with a computer-like processor for my various computing needs.

I even do my blogging at times because I get tired from an 8-hour computer operation on my work that when I’m home I just want to rest and do my online jobs on my reliable phone or sometimes on tablet. People are workaholic these days that they look for ways on how they can do other tasks without so much stress thus the modern mobile phones are heaven sent for those times.

It’s actually easier on Android phone users as they get so many apps and software for their phones. The interfacing and controls are also a breeze as there are plenty of software and gadgets for their specific needs.

With regards to Apple users their software usually cost more and there’s more limits on apps as you need to pay for it but for those who can afford it is safer when it comes to virus and hacks. Anyway every brand offers their best and it depends on your budget and usage on what you prefer to use. I just saw this apogee quartet which is good for iPad and Mac users’ desktop audio interface. This is really good especially for music enthusiasts.


Exploring the Best of South Carolina

>> Tuesday, February 14, 2017

South Carolina is a beautiful state that has so much to offer. Whether you are simply travelling through on your way to sunny Florida or planning to stay awhile, this state will leave a lasting impression. The young and old alike will find plenty of activities to do and sites to see in the Palmetto State.

The Rugged Outdoors

This state is the home of a wide range of terrains and landscapes which makes it the perfect place to explore. Here you can take a scenic ride along the Reedy River or explore on foot the Swamp Rabbit Trails of Greeneville. You can take on the challenge of the Chattooga River rapids, and you can hike the paths of the Blue Ridge Foothills. South Carolina even hosts guided hunting trips like those at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge in Fairfax.

The Beautiful Beaches

The name South Carolina immediately brings to mind the beauty of Myrtle Beach with its 60 miles of sandy shores. Here you can enjoy celebrity golf courses or simply stroll along the boardwalk where you’ll discover arcades, souvenir shops, and restaurants serving local seafood dishes. You may also think of Hilton Head when planning a South Carolina vacation. You can wander through the Coastal Discovery Museum or the Harbour Town Lighthouse Museum with their historic buildings and themed gardens, and you won’t want to miss the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Here you will discover some of the state’s most intriguing wildlife such as alligators, deer, and a variety of bird species.

Historical Sites

South Carolina made it possible for the American Patriots to achieve their military victory just when they most needed it. They also guided the South into the Civil War. This is why the Palmetto State is home to so many historical sites and attractions such as Fort Sumter, Cowpens National Battlefield, and Isaac Haynes burial spot. A trip across South Carolina is an adventure in history with stops at battlefields, historic plantations, and a multitude of memorials.

Whether you can only visit for one single day or plan to stay for an extended period, you will go home knowing just how meaningful South Carolina is. Here you’ll discover just what it took to create our great nation as well as how beautiful it can be.


Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska Welcomes Baby Boy

He's finally here, and boy, is this boy a cutie! Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska welcomed her baby boy Watson with hubby Cole DeBoer a couple of weeks ago, and the family seems to be settling in nicely. The couple have shared some super adorable photos in the past few days, and even the cutest video of 7 year old daughter Aubree holding her new baby brother! The beautiful reality star has been so excited in the days leading up to her baby's birth, posting on her website about how ready Cole was to be a dad! It is SO nice to see Chelsea and Aubree both so very happy! 

Will there be more babies to come for Chelsea and Cole? She has said in the past that she would like to have three more babies after Watson, but joked that people always think she is crazy when she says that! She definitely makes an adorable pregnant woman, and is a great mom already, so we could totally get behind the idea of a whole little Cole/Chelsea army! We are so happy to see how happy Chelsea is, even though she has been going through a bit of a hard time dealing with Aubree's dad, her ex, Adam Lind. Adam reportedly fell more than $4000 behind in child support for Aubree, and more than $5000 behind for his other daughter, Paisley. The two are reportedly still engaged in a lengthy custody battle as well. We will be following Chelsea on the status of that case as well as updates on her adorable new baby boy! 


Finding Help in Melting Snow

If you live in a part of the country that has its fair share of winter, you probably are interested in finding the best products for melting ice and snow. Particularly in the Midwest, ice melt St Louis is important for driveways, sidewalks and public places such as parking garages and entryways. Depending on the situation in which you plan to use deicers, knowing what is available will help you make better choices.

Narrowing Your Choices

There are literally hundreds of brands and products that will melt ice and snow. However, the chemical ingredients in each product is the only useful thing to know when making your selection. Very few are actually different from each other. In fact, performance, chemistry mix and costs are what may differentiate one from the other.

Keep this in mind. Otherwise, the myriad of options can make narrowing your choices more confusing that it needs to be. To make things a little easier, understand the difference product ingredients make and how chemicals work makes your choice easier.

Understanding the Basics about Deicers

One basic factor to consider starts with the type of surface you need to clear. Additionally, knowing where the runoff from melted ice and snow will end up is useful on making the right decision. For example, chloride based products can present two hazards on a wooden deck.

First, chloride can attack the system that holds your deck together. As it becomes diluted, it will saturate the deck. Second, the mixture could attract moisture into capillary pores causing it to refreeze as black ice. You do not want either of these scenarios that can lead to serious injuries.

The Big Three Deicers

There are three commonly used deicers that fill nearly 100% of the market: sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. 

Sodium chloride is the number one choice. Also referred to as rock salt, the abundance of this chemical in the earth makes it readily available and the least expensive option.  Magnesium chloride is very effective and considered a high performing deicer. Like sodium chloride, it is also a natural occurrence in the ground.  Calcium chloride is more expensive than the other two and is widely used.

Choosing the Right One

Making the right choice from all the deicer products on the market starts with getting as much information as possible. Spend some time talking to the experts. Ask specific questions about the products so you can separate different choices and select the one that fits your needs.


New Musical Accessories On Her Birthday

>> Thursday, February 2, 2017

My daughter just had her 18th birthday celebration last Saturday and we’re happy that it went so smooth, very relaxing and everyone were happy. It’s also a holiday, Chinese New Year, so we never had a hard time with the schedule of Gen’s classmate. Well not everyone made it to the reception because of some circumstances but Gen was happy enough to think of those who were not around. 

We had some problems with the sounds hours before the event and the connector from laptop to speaker but before the celebration started everything was solved and went well. My daughter was every particular with the sound system being a musician herself and it’s a big plus to every occasion if sounds are clear and good. 

Well I also noticed that she really got excited with one gift which she didn’t guessed at first. Her close friend Kez gave her a pair of drum sticks which she really wanted to buy when she was introduced to playing drums on their Industrial Engineering week. She only borrowed then so it’s really a welcome gift to have her first drum sticks. She was really excited just the same as when she learned that there’s a guitar center weekend sale coming up. She also wanted a new guitar so we’re looking and searching for affordable ones. Next time maybe we can buy her wish instrument.


Can’t Find a Job You Love? How to Find What You Lack

>> Sunday, January 22, 2017

You’re far from the only person who doesn’t experience job satisfaction. However, the fact that you’re considering ways to change that means you’re one step ahead of the pack. You’re not satisfied to continue to toil at your current job, but you have no idea how to proceed. What if you waste years and thousands of dollars going back to school only to not be satisfied with that career either? What if you have no idea what kind of career might make you happy? Fortunately, there are ways to discern what it is that’s holding you back and how to go forward.

Ask an Expert

Sign up for specialized career consulting online on your own schedule for as long as you feel you need guidance. The right expert will help you walk through an examination of your talents, interests, and experiences to come up with a viable career path that’s likely to lead to happiness. The expert can then help you break the goal of getting that job down into a step-by-step process and give you the direction and focus you may lack.

Look Over Your Resume

Perhaps you’re already qualified for a job you’d love, but you’re not having luck finding it. The right expert can also help you go over your current cover letter and resume to more accurately reflecting what you could bring to a company and better catch a prospective employer’s eye. It’s a competitive job marketplace, and you need every advantage possible to get the job that will bring you happiness.

Practice Your Interview

If you’ve had several job interviews but no job offers, something might be lacking in your interview skills. Practice job interviews with an expert in career counseling. Consider your answers to some of the most common types of questions so they roll off your tongue naturally when asked. Research the businesses that most interest you so you can ask intelligent questions about a company when in the room. Look also at the way you dress and present yourself and how often you smile and maintain eye contact during an interview. Job satisfaction is not just about finding a career you love, but finding a stable job that pays well and offers competitive benefits. The right guide will help you break down that goal into smaller, more easily achievable goals so you can save money and time. Often, what a person dissatisfied with her job lacks the most is simply direction.


A Day of Learning Drums

>> Friday, December 23, 2016

It’s my daughter’s Industrial Engineering week few days ago and she was included in the list of performers. Yearly they listed a group per section to do music performance which is usually a band of drummer, guitarist, pianist, vocalist and some other instrumentalist. These groups will perform one by one and they will choose the best performing group. The higher year which has the expertise and experience usually has the greater chance but it’s just fine for the juniors because playing music is good enough for them. Every performance is an achievement when you’re an artist.

Gen knows how to play piano and guitar but since there’s no drummer in the group and she learns quickly she was appointed to handle the drums. She doesn’t know anything about the drum instrument but she still agreed to perform. A day before the performance she quickly study and play the instrument which I know would be an easy thing for her. 

Much to my belief on her she was able to perform more than what can be expected for a starter just in time that the guitar failed to play. To make the program alive my daughter Gen was interviewed by the lady student host and told Gen that she played music well. The host then asked her how long she’s playing drums and everyone in the theater wowed and smiled when she answered ‘one day only’. I’m so proud of my girl that even if she love to play guitar and want to buy d addario coated strings she still agreed to play other instrument that she hasn’t played yet. Her love for music and the genes of my grandfather really saved the day for her. Good job my dear daughter.


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